10 reasons why you should switch to WordPress

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If you’re already a WordPress user then I probably don’t need to persuade you of its values (although there’s loads of useful info in this post so keep reading).


But, if you’re about to re-design your Squarespace or Wix site, you might want to consider WordPress. It’s an amazing tool I am absolutely in love with and create all my websites on.

It’s been out there for 13 years now and there’s an entire army of people working on it. Those are passionate geeks (in a good way!), who make it better and better with every single release.

Let me show you my 10 reasons why you should switch to WordPress with your business site!

1. It’s absolutely free.


WordPress is an open source, free software. This means you can download it free of charge and install on as many websites as you want. And you will never have to pay for it, even once!

It’s extremely beneficial especially if you’re a girl boss who needs to create new sites for her courses, new launches or simply because you’ve got a new business idea.

The mission behind WordPress is to give people amazing tool to create professional, easy to use websites and make the web better. I don’t know about you, but this simply makes my heart warm!

2. You’re in charge.


WordPress site needs to be hosted on a server, which you can easily buy from providers like eHost, BlueHost or HostGator for only few dollars a month. Most of those hosting providers also enable you to buy a domain right away, but you can choose to buy a domain from a different provider, for your convenience.

In wordpress your website is YOURS and you’re not dependant on anybody or any other service. You can change your hosting provider at any time, for example if your website is slow or you have a lot of downtime (this can be a problem with Squarespace, but there you’re not able to change a provider).

Nobody will remove your site without your permission or knowledge (unless of course, you will violate the law and your service provider will be forced to remove your site).

You’re able to do backups of your site on Dropbox or even your computer, which means if something for whatever reason goes wrong, you can simply bring your site back to the last version. Free of charge!

If you need to add functionalities, you can simply install one of the thousands of free plugins (or buy a paid one), or hire developer to build a piece of functionality for you, so it suit your needs.

For example, if you decide to open a shop or a membership site, you can install plugins to do that in minutes!

The mission behind WordPress is to give people amazing tool to create professional, easy to use websites and make the web better. I don’t know about you, but this simply makes my heart warm!

3. You can design it however you want.


With WordPress, you’re not forced to choose one of the templates and just edit it for your needs. You can design a custom template that suits your business needs and sets you apart. There are awesome frameworks you can buy for less than a $100 and use to build a website without any code skills.

If you’ve been told Squarespace or Wix are the only platforms where you can easily edit your website while actually seeing how it changes, you need to check themes like Divi or ProPhoto.

WordPress is incredibly customisable and made for designers and developers to feel free to create new, awesome websites. If you’re thinking about hiring a designer to create a new website for you, you should most definitely migrate to WordPress (which most designers can do for you). You will get more out of your investment and get out with a more professional and custom website.

Photo credit: Divi by Elegant Themes.

4. There are thousands of free plugins that add awesome functionalities.


There are lots of plugins both free and paid you can install to add functionalities to your website. From social media integration plugins like Mailchimp for WordPress, Click to Tweet (integrated with CoSchedule) or Disqus, to creating beautiful and advanced contact forms with Contact Form 7 and adding testimonials with Testimonials Widget.

Apart from those awesome free ones above, there are Pro plugins you can buy, like Bloom (to create awesome pop-ups, opt-ins and locking content ) or Monarch (to enable easy social media sharing and following). By the way, designing your new website with me you will get those two for free!

For the list of the best WordPress plugins, click here.

5. It’s search engine friendly.


WordPress is a professional tool for building websites and it makes optimising your website for search engine a breeze! Not only is it smart enough to know how to make the most of the content you put in, its blog and pages creation tool guides helps you prepare your content better to be searched for.

You can also install an amazing  plugin called Yoast SEO, that’s going to even show you your SEO score and tell you what you can improve in your pages or blog posts so Google likes you more. This plugin is great when you install a basic free version and even better when you decide to get a paid one.

6. It’s easy to use and manage + has awesome support.


It’s made for normal people, like you and me, who don’t have extensive knowledge in coding, PHP and other stuff I don’t even want to think about!

This CMS (content management system) is so easy to use, you can start in minutes!

You can easily find and manage new pages, blog posts, comments, add testimonials, edit your sidebar, menu and footer, and many, many more. Everything is named in a logical and easy to understand way and there is loads of support on their Support Forum and awesome resources in their extensive Documentation.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

7. Enables you to open a professional looking shop in minutes!


WoCommerce – free WordPress add-on – is one of the best and most used e-commerce tools. It is easily integrated with Stripe or PayPal and allows you to accept debit and credit cards by default.

You can start adding products to your store in minutes after installing the add-on.

No need to redesign your site or choose a different template when you decide to open a shop. Simply add the functionality and it’s clever enough to inherit styles and look from your site.

If you have a professional shop, though, your designer is able to customise it beautifully and make it YOURS. Below you can have a look at what I’m working on right now and how amazing the WordPress shop can look!

Click the image and see what I’ve done for M.O.T.D. Cosmetics (before & after included!)

8. You can schedule posts and create an editorial calendar.


I don’t know about you, but I love the visual stuff.  I love to be able to plan my posts on a calendar, instead of the long list, where everything makes me so confused!

With WordPress, you can schedule posts by dragging and dropping it in your editorial calendar. How cool is that?

Photo credit: Coschedule.

9. You can create multiple users.


This feature is amazing when you want to work with blog contributors, VA’s or your shop managers. You can create multiple user accounts and decide what tools they can access.

This way, you don’t have to worry about other people messing with your website! You can collaborate with your team easily, and you do not have to pay for another user. It’s all free!

10. Lets you create an awesome membership site.


By using plugins like MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro, you can create a professional membership site. If you’re a photographer you can create your client’s galleries that are password restricted, or create a membership plan for the stock photography you create.

If you’re a coach or a teacher, you can restrict some parts of your site to sell course on YOUR website!

Create new pages where you embed videos, workbooks and checklists, allow commenting, whatever you need! And only allow access to people who paid for the course.

I hope I did show you how awesome WordPress is and make the decision of switching to the family of millions of WordPress users much easier.


Remember, your website is a living organism! It will change and evolve with your business and it’s super important that it’s flexible and powerful enough, so you don’t outgrow it after a year or two. Especially if you decide to invest a few $k for a designer!

Always make sure your designer understands and takes into account your business needs and creates a website that will become your best business asset (right after yourself!).


Any questions? Pop them in the comments below and I will be happy to help!

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