3 signs your online shop needs a re-design

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Selling is a process. It’s a journey your customers take.

Easier journey = more sales

Redesigning your website thoughtfully can even 4x your income (we’ve done that for our clients!).


3 signs your online shop needs a re-design
Graph from one of our client’s WooCommerce statistics – before and after they worked with us.


For you to be able to sell more, you need to understand that journey and be able to list each step of the way. You need to understand at what stage do your customers find you:

  • do they already know what they’re looking for?
  • are they just looking for inspo? Do they find you by accident browsing Pinterest, or by typing certain keywords in Google?
  • once they’re on your website, what do they have to do to purchase?
  • how many times do they go back to your website before they finally MAKE a purchase?
  • if they don’t purchase, what’s holding them back? Do you meet them where they are?

Those are all super important questions you need to ask yourself before even thinking about redesigning your website. If you’ve been struggling with scaling your business or make more sales and your conversion rate is lower than it could be – redesigning your website might be the best solution for you.


3 signs your online shop needs a re-design

Your conversion rate is dangerously low

You’ve got a lot of traffic coming to your website but the conversion rate is so low you wonder what’s wrong. This can be caused by so many things, like: difficult navigation, not addressing customer objections, low quality product photos, no returns policy, etc.

Strategic redesign of your website will give you a good boost and help you solve your conversion problems.

Abandoned carts are your nightmare

It might be your customers add things to their cart but never actually finish their order. Those orders end up being canceled and your hope for more sales goes away. This can be so frustrating!

This means there’s something missing in your customer’s journey. Maybe you’re not addressing their objections properly? Maybe they’ve found a similar product on a competitors site because your website didn’t seem trustworthy enough, didn’t offer refunds on international orders, or simply made it difficult to buy?

Troubleshooting what’s causing this behaviour and fixing it through thoughtful design will surely help you tackle this problem.

You struggle to scale your business

When you’re drowning in support emails, questions that asked again and again, or spend your time creating and sending invoices or gift cards, you’re not going to be able to scale your business easily.

You need systems that will make sure your customers get what they need without you needing to do everything yourself. If boosting your sales is your #1 priority – getting systems should be done before anything else!

If you got 1000 new orders today, would you be able to handle them? If your answer is no – you’ll be hold back by your old website and lose your chance to scale your business.

You can get systems that automatically send invoices, allow customers to purchase gift cards, FAQ system that answers all the important questions, systems that recover abandoned carts and many more smart solutions to free up your time, while keeping your customers happy.



We can help you get through all of that and present you with creative solutions on how to meet your customer where they are, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision.




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