3 ways to level up your brand in 2019

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Want to level up? Get better clients, more sales, better opportunities and experience growth? What does this actually mean, though?


3 ways to level up your brand in 2019

Getting higher paying clients, more sales and better collaborations sounds amazing but is your business ready for them all?


Get clear on your ideal clients to serve them best

Up-levelling your business and earning more might mean a different type of client. Actually, each time we redefine our brand and level up our business, we should dive deep into our ideal audience profile and redefine it as well.

If you want to attract clients who are ready to spend more with you, you need to understand they might have a different mindset than your existing clients. They might also be in a different stage of life or business.

Changing your copywriting, content, photography or website layout will probably be something you’ll need to do to reach a new audience and convert them. Be smart though, and only make changes after you’ve asked yourself this #1 question, to avoid common mistakes.

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Level up your brand experience

Now that you’re clear on who your new ideal client is, you need to make sure your brand experience pleases them and makes them want to interact with your brand.

From the very first contact with your brand, you’ll want to captivate them and stay memorable. Sometimes, this first contact is a Pinterest Pin, or a blog post. Sometimes, it’s your business card or Instagram profile. It all needs to work well together and consistently build your branding experience.

Your enquiry forms, the way you handle orders and even package your products or services needs to be in line with what your brand stands for and what’s important to your clients too.

Your customer experience is where you really show your brand values and level. Are you proud of the way you work with your clients and customers? Is buying from you easy and pleasant? Do they feel how you want them to feel when they’re in contact with your brand?

Make sure the entire experience is consistent, helps you stay memorable and WOW’s your clients to the point they want to rave about your brand to all of their friends.

Your brand experience may be levelled up by beautiful proposals and contracts, product and shop pages, packaging, media kits, newsletters and more.


Streamline your process

So you’ve attracted better-paying clients, more sales and more interest in your brand, but are you ready to handle it all?

Inbox full of emails you can’t keep up with, enquiries you can’t handle yourself and complicated, manual process that makes you want to pull your hair out is NOT a recipe for success. You need to work smarter, not harder!

Thankfully, you can design your unique process to work for you, automating most of it and streamlining the rest so that you have time to grow your business and your customers are happy with what they receive.

We help our clients design workflows that take care of thousands of emails in their inbox, handle orders for them and save them tens of hours per week, that they used to spend on manual work. We’re geeks when it comes to automation, making things simpler, streamlining your business and looking for tools that will do the job for you.

For example, we love combining uniquely designed contact forms with automation tools and auto-reply workflows that give clients what they need with your minimal effort. We can also help you handle services enquiries from the very first email to the invoice – all automated, beautiful and on brand.



Ready to design a better business for yourself using our creative skills? Enquire today and let’s talk about your struggles and challenges, to see how we can help you overcome these, so you earn more and work less.


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