7 business tools I can’t live without

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Running an online business can be really tricky. There are so many hats you need to wear, so many things that need to get done on daily basis. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. Thankfully, there are tools that can make your everyday business life so much easier!


In today’s post, I’m sharing my top 7 tools I use everyday to automate, simplify and run my business.


  1. Basecamp
    I literally can’t imagine my business without Basecamp. I use it not only to organise my client’s projects and communicate with them, but to organise my own business tasks. It makes it easy to plan projects out to the smallest details and make sure nobody forgets what they need to do.

    It saves me huge amount of time and work to create project templates and simply upload them when I start working with a new client.

    You can also set up recurring tasks list, like stuff you need to do every month. It’s just so much easier!


2. Planoly
Instagram is HUGE for my business – most of my clients come from there. After all, what I do is very visual so it makes all the sense in the world that this platform is perfect for me.

Designing the perfect grid is not always easy though, especially if you need to guess what images will look great next. With Planoly it’s so easy!

Not only can you plan your grid visually, but you can research hashtags, repost from other accounts and even browse free images. Did I mention you can schedule your stories too?

I can’t imagine managing my Instagram account without Planoly right now. I used so many apps before, but Planoly proves to be the best so far. Other apps let you plan your feed visually as well, but Planoly lets you do it on desktop, which is so much easier than trying to do it all on your mobile, isn’t it?





3. Zapier
This app is a life changer. If you never heard of Zapier, the easiest way I can explain what it does is: it connects multiple apps and automates your tasks. For example: want your new Asana task to create a Google Doc in a specific folder, with a specific title? Zapier can do that for you.

Want to share your newest WordPress blog post on social media? Zapier can do that for you.

I have my entire editorial calendar automated using Zapier and it saves me so much time!



4. ConvertKit
I used Mailchimp for over 6 years until I finally moved away from it to ConvertKit. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Mailchimp, but it simply didn’t supply to my needs anymore.

ConvertKit makes it so easy to send email sequences, create entire automations and tag people depending on their behaviour. Most importantly – ConvertKit lets you have just one email list and allow people sign up for your different freebies (Mailchimp doesn’t, unfortunately).

Since I moved and set up all my automations, I already see increase in open rate, engagement and my list growth!
Plans start at $29/mo and it’s soooo worth it!



5. Google tools
I share important documents with my clients via Google Docs, send them questionnaires via Google Forms, allow them to share their content with me on Google Drive, invite them over for a call in Google Calendar and of course, communicate with them via Gmail.

Everything is connected, everything works well together and is accessible for everyone. You only need to one single account to use it all. You can use it all for free, but if you need more cloud space, your gmail using your own domain name and more, you can set up your G Suite that starts at only $5/mo.



6. Asana
I told you I use Basecamp for my clients projects and Adored Design’s HQ, but there are things I prefer to do in Asana.
My editorial calendar used to be in Trello, but I moved away from Trello to Asana.

Now, I’ve got a PRO editorial calendar set up there: it’s visual, easy to use and keeps me organised. Check out the in detail post about it here.

If you struggle with staying organised, knowing what blog posts to write and how to automate as much of it as possible, you need to read this post.



7. Acuity Scheduling

Setting up Discovery Calls, virtual coffees and team meetings can be so frustrating! Asking people when they’re free, taking different time zones under consideration, chasing them for their Skype handle…with Acuity Scheduling this simply doesn’t happen.

I’m using free plan and am able to set up different types of calls, ask different questions for each of them, get automated reminders about my calls and even put them into my Google Calendar using Zapier.
It’s all super easy for me and my clients and I literally can’t imagine not using it right now.



Running an online business can be cost effective and automated in a large part thanks to these awesome apps.

Add a little organisation and planning to it, and you’re in for the win! Tell me in the comments: what are the top 3 apps YOU can’t live without?



*This post contains affiliate links to the tools I genuinely use and recommend.




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