The About page: how to nail it and why it’s not about you at all!

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Oh, the dreaded “About me” page. So many of you struggle with it and I hear you!

It’s lengthy, it makes you feel confused about what to share, it’s vulnerable and it’s hard to make it interesting and engaging.

The truth is: this page, when done correctly, can be one of your most successful and converting pages. Let me show you a few tips and tricks how to make it awesome.

You can do it too!

The “About me” page that’s not about YOU at all.


It probably sounds weird, but this page isn’t about you at all! The fact is: it’s about your people. Of course, you share your story and talk about your business but the intention of it all is to make your ideal clients feel like they’ve finally found someone they’ve been looking for. Someone who’ll help them with their most burning problems, someone who understands them, someone who’s maybe been through what they’ve been through (life coaches – this one is about you!).

The main focus of this page is for you to show:

  • who you help,
  • how you help them,
  • why should they trust you (because you get them),
  • how to contact you / hire you.

This is a place to address your ideal clients objections and show them they can trust you.

They probably browsed your page, seen your “Work with me” page and they want to get to know you better before they enquire. This is a great time to address their concerns in a way of storytelling. Here’s how you should map out your “About” page for success:


1. Intro – tell people who, how and why you help.

Use your ideal client’s language: use the words they would use (instead of the industry jargon), show them you know their pain points and you have just the thing to fix their problems (a.k.a. Your skills and talents!).


2. Share your story – but be strategic about it.

Storytelling is super important in branding: the fact is people love stories (this is how we used to spent our evenings, before Netflix: listening to and telling stories). We easily relate to them, we get emotional and we love listening about other people’s experiences, successes and failures. Show you’re a human and are not perfect, but be strategic about what you share as well: don’t share anything that is not related to your business, your mission or vision, or something that may drive people away.

Also, since this page will be full of text and lengthy, make sure you only pick the best and most important parts of your story. For example: you may not want to talk about the fact how much you like vegan food and yoga if it’s not a common thing with your tribe and it’s not of interest to them whatsoever.

It’s like when you go on a job interview: you first do your research, check company’s culture, read the job offering thoroughly and then on an interview talk about yourself in a way that shows your future employer you will fit in the company’s culture, you understand company’s goals and competitors and you’ve got all the skills and talents they need. They’ve already seen your resume so now’s the time to show your personality and reassure them it’s you they’ve been looking for.

Let me say it again: use your client’s language: those will be valuable keywords people can use to find you through Google! This is a great opportunity for you to reach new audiences and get found.


3. Make it interesting.


Try to avoid very long paragraphs of tiny text. Break it up a little! Use headings (hi, h2, h3 styles), fit around 2-3 sentences in one paragraph. This makes the whole text a lot easier to read and less scary. People are busy and don’t have time to read a very long text! Especially if it’s about someone else and not an awesome tutorial they simply need to read.

Most people are visual, so make sure you break down the text with beautiful, on brand imagery. Those don’t need to be photos of you, although this would be the best option because people remember faces more than they remember stories – if we meet someone in person it’s a lot more memorable then if we’d read about them somewhere.

I highly encourage you to hire a professional photographer to take a few pictures of you that you can use on your website and social media. Beautiful, professional imagery is as important for your overall brand image as the way you dress on an interview for your chances to land a job!


4. Make it easy for people to contact you and hire you.


Now that people went through your story, resonated with it, began to trust you and your experience and think you could help them, it would be a great time to give them an easy way to contact you or hire you.

Of course, they can click the “contact me” button on the top of your page, but if they scrolled down to read your story, they need to scroll back up to do it. Make an effort and prepare for it: add a clear call to action that tells people how they can contact you or hire you, don’t make them guess or you may be surprised that nobody takes action!

It’s your responsibility to give it to them on a silver platter. Make your user journey seamless and thought through.


Have you considered offering Coffee Dates? This is a great way for people to meet you and it’s less salesy than Discovery Calls. Some people may consider hiring you but are not ready yet and would like to meet you first. Coffee dates are a great way to have a chat in a no-pressure way. Also, it’s a great way to meet your peers, start collaborations and friendships.

I hope this post explained how important it is for you to share your story in an authentic way, but also how to do it so it brings your people closer to you and makes them trust you.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, but be strategic about it too. </5>




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