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It’s a Premium Brand Styling studio, dedicated to women entrepreneurs, who treat their businesses seriously and are hungry for success. Why premium? Because it’s focused only on highest quality and adding value to people’s businesses thought purposeful branding and intelligent design.

I‘ve always dreamed of opening my own design studio. I feel I’m way too creative to be stuck at 9-5 and felt very restricted there. My brand visuals had to be fresh, creative and full of life, to reflect my personality and attract my perfect clients.

My mission is to help creative women build their dream businesses & freedom lifestyles, by giving them my best talents and skills.


I sometimes bring my clients to tears, like I did with Irina. As she described it: the branding I created for her felt like a part of her and her business and she can now see her dream business she’s worked for over a 2 years on COME TO LIFE. I love it when I get to make my clients dreams come true, it’s the best part of my job and brings me enourmous satisfaction.

My offer is curated for women entrepreneurs, who want to build a business that’s aligned with their personality and talents. Their services or products are of very high value, so their branding needs to reflect that and help them attract perfect clients: people who are ready to pay more, to receive more value.

Premium branding helps sttracting those kind of people, because it communicates: high value, trustworthly, knowledgable, quality.

If your business’ offering is just like that, you will surely benefit from a premium brand and I can help you build one.

Before I opened my own design studio I’ve worked for top fashion brands, as a designer who makes sure their branding is top quality and consistent across all channels. I’ve spent years practising my craft, now you can benefit from my skills.

Ready to take this awesome journey yourself?


Your dreams of authentic, unique brand
that feels like YOU and attracts those ideal clients can become a reality.

Get a bold, strong & unique brand you know you deserve. You’ve put your heart & soul into this business. You deserve people say: “Wow, look at her amazing brand!”. Let’s make it happen.

Maybe you’ve started your business on a budget, but now it really takes off and you’re tired of feeling embarraced by your brand?

You’d love to start charging premium prices, but feel you don’t appear PRO enough to do it? Or have you simply outgrown your old branding? We can change that.



I’ve always wanted to have my own design studio. There is no better job in the world, than doing what you’re born to do and bring value to the world. But you must know it if you’re a Boss Lady yourself. I can help you make your brand reflect the person you are, so you can make real connections with those clients of yours and really take your business to another level.



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It’s not enough to pick the perfect colour palette and design a shiny website to create a strong brand. If you want a powerful, influential and desirable brand you need to touch people on a deeper level.

I’ve combined my 10+ years experience as a graphic designer for brands like Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, River Island, and Childrensalon in my early career + many top influencers and brands during my work at Adored Designs with my passion for psychology and the way humans form relationships.

Let’s get you to claim your spot at the top of your industry.

Alex Rogala-Jacek

Brand Coach & Creative Director

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