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My business needed a revamp. I wanted to attract new type of people, inject a lot more of my own personality into my brand. New Adored Designs is personable, fun, open, creative and inspiring. Scroll down and browse!

Pink as my main colour, hints of mint, blue and yellow + a bit of charcoal.

It’s important for my brand that I show my own personality. I’m a fun, open person with 359606 ideas per minute, love inspiring and motivating others and my secret weapon is the ability to see other people’s smarts and skills and being able to present it well (can’t remember how many time sI helped my friends prepare their CV’s and build their personal brand)!

New bradning reflects the direction I want my business to go in: professional bloggers, influencers and Girlbosses.

My new website allows me to show my services and smarts better than ever before.

Apart from looking good it’s also packed with cool areas like Client Portal and Secret Library.

My business evolved and my brand needed to go with it. I didn’t want to waste any time holding onto a branding I’ve created when I started out. My new branding shows what my biz is about so much better!

You’ve got like 4 seconds to show people you’re a legit Girlboss. Don’t waste it showing a brand that’s not as awesome as you are.

I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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