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Branding and Web Design for awesome female entrepreneurs, that’s all about real connections and empowering women to build businesses around their smarts and passion. In style.

Blush, beige and cappuccino with a splash of pink.

Light, airy and stylish. This is what my brand was about before the website you see now. It was beautiful and very feminine.

Most of my clients were female entrepreneurs like life coaches, but I also started working with bloggers and shop owners in beauty and fashion industry.

This brand was is all about empowering women to create their own businesses around their passions and smarts. I truly believe designing a biz around your lifestyle is the way to go and we all can do it!

This is the branding I created for my business when I first started. It was stylish and beautiful, but didn’t show my personality very well. I am a fun, open and talkative person, while my branding was sophisticated and a bit distanced. I needed to inject more of my own personality into my brand to attract different type of clients – professional bloggers and influencers.

Responsive and mobile friendly.

It’s a must now, so I make sure all my websites look great on mobiles, tablets and anything else you browse it on. Your people won’t get annoyed they can’t click a tiny button or read anything on your sales page.

Awesome contact forms

I know you’re busy and the last thing you want is to answer the same questions over and over again. You also don’t want to ask the same questions, like: what type of business are you in, where did you find me…

I make sure all my websites have great contact forms with all the important questions (not too lenghty, though!) and a proper FAQ section for people who just want some answers.

You’ve got like 4 seconds to show people you’re a legit Girlboss. Don’t waste it showing a brand that’s not as awesome as you are.

I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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