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This was absolutely one of the most accurate tests I have ever taken. Thank you for confirming what I already felt. The results completely resonated with me.
This is so spot on me that I am a little shocked it could be generated on a 12 question quiz. I can’t wait until I get the next email from you!
OMG – absolutely – made me shiver – this so me.
There was a lot about the Innocent that felt like you had read my mind.
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Just launched – All About Good Vibes: brand + blog design

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All About Good Vibes, logo design for lifestyle blogger
Branding and blog design for fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Tucson, Arizona.
Features on this website:

motd designed by new website design
Fun, editorial, stylish.
Molly is a fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Arizona. She wanted a strong brand that’s going to reflect her bold and strong side, but also feminine, stylish and fun, as she is. We created a brand that shows her personality, is engaging and memorable.
Her website has all the cool features like Reward Style integration, ConvertKit integration, custom contact form and a “partnership” page with a portfolio section.

I really appreciate you and your team’s hard work. It’s a dream come true working with you on rebranding my blog. I’ll definitely let everyone know about your service. I really love your working process and communication portal. Your work is incredible. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Hope to work with you again in the future.

Molly Larsen |

This brand falls under early Winter Branding Personality. To capture the soul of Molly’s brand, we used black, white and red and grey as well as geometric shapes, lines and hand-drawn elements.

This moodboard worked as a visual brief, so we can create the final layout that’s aligned with her brand.


Molly’s website is fully responsive and works great on tablets and mobiles. She doesn’t have to worry about her readers not being able to read her posts or engage with her content.

ConvertKit newsletter

Molly can send out beautiful newsletters with ConvertKit. We created a custom template for her that applies to all her emails.

Whenever someone purchases something from her shop, they will receive fully styled, on-brand email confirmations, which extends Molly’s brand experience and makes her look even more professional.

Partnership page, that attracts brand collaborations
Editorial individual post layout to increase engagement
Shopping experience that’s made to earn those commissions
Matching social media templates for cohesive brand
Ready to redesign your blog?
Just like Alyssa, you can absolutely transform your online presence, look more professional and grow your brand quicker.

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