Get your Trello editorial calendar template

And automate your social posts scheduling!

    Since I did this a few weeks ago I’ve got so much more time on my hands.

    When I shared it with a few of my Girlboss friends, they all said to me: “you need to show us how to do it!”.

    So here I am today, teaching you how to automate your social posts scheduling and connect it with your editorial calendar so you don’t need to do a thing, apart from actually creating and planning your content!

    Today, I’m going to teach you how to connect your editorial calendar on Trello with Buffer, using Zapier.

    As soon as you do that, all posts drafts you create in your Trello board are automatically shceduled to the correct social media account without you doing a thing! Does that sound good? Hell yeah!

    Automate your social posts scheduling with Trello, Buffer and Zapier.

    For this all to work, you need to create account on all those 3 platforms. All of them can be used for free, but you might need to upgrade at some point.

    I’m a Basecamp girl and I use it for all my bigger projects, but I fell in love with Trello as soon as I noticed how amazingly it works as an editorial calendar. Buffer is the best tool I found so far for social media scheduling (and I’ve tried a few already). Zapier doesn’t need an introduction. Zapier just rocks! If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to do it, you will LOVE IT.

    Now that you have all needed accounts, let’s start with creating your board on Trello.

    This board will be your editorial calendar and you will use it continuously for many months to come, so don’t name it March (as I did, before I realised it was wrong).

    Let me explain why: when you create Zaps (Zapier automations), you will tell Zapier which board does it need to take posts from. So unless you want to create new Zaps every month, it’s best to create a one board and use it forever, and ever.

    1. Trello board.

    You can either create your own Trello board, or better yet – download the one I prepared for you by signing up below! Just make a copy for your own use.

    If you’re creating your own: make sure to enable the images covers on the board, so it’s easier for you to see all posts (especially Instagram).


    1. Create lists
    You want to create as many lists as you need: each list will be a separate channel, for example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog posts, Newsletters, etc.

    2. Now enable the Calendar-add on, and you’re all set.

    3. Create cards
    For you to be able to create Zaps in Zapier, you need to have a sample card it will use to set it up. So create at least one card for each of the lists.

    Preferably, you want to create a proper post draft, so you can let it be scheduled when it’s setup and see if everything works properly.

    So write a caption in the card description (insert hashtags there as well), pick a Due Date (the time you want it scheduled) and drag the image you want to share into the card.

    Ready? Awesome, now let’s go to Zapier and set it all up for you, shall we?

    2. Zapier

    This is just magic! Prepare to be amazed!
    First, let’s set up your Instagram posts to be scheduled automatically.


    1. Hit the Make a Zap button.

    2. Choose Trello from the list.

    3. Connect your Trello, and test it using the Test button.

    3. Choose the New activity option – then choose the Attachment Added to Card.

    4. Choose your board – This will be your Editorial Calendar board you’ve just created.

    5. Choose a List – since we’re setting Instagram, chose this one.

    6. Card – set it as Any card (it should be set like that automatically, so just don’t touch it).

    7. Hit Continue, then click Fetch & Continue (Zapier will now get the info from the card you’ve created).

    After it did that, there should be a success message. If there’s an error message then follow the Zapier’s instructions (you must’ve set something wrong before, or you might’ve not created a card in the chosen list. Go back and check.).

    8. Hit Continue. We’re done with Trello now!


    9. Now choose Buffer from the apps list and connect it, like you did with Trello before.

    10. Choose Add to schedule (if you chose Add to Buffer, it will automatically share everything and you won’t be able to choose a specific time and date). Save + continue.

    11. Test buffer, Save + continue.

    12. Now the fun starts! Focus on this one!

    1. Choose your profile – this will be your Instagram.
    2. Text – this will be your caption. Click the + icon on the right, which will open the dropdown, Then chose a Desc from the list (it’s your card description).

    3. Scheduled Time & Date – choose your card’s Due date.

    4. Photo URL – this will be the photo that will be shared. Set it up so it’s the card’s attachment (cover).

    5. Hit Continue.

    Now you’ll see the summary of this post and you can check everything before creating your Zap. Make sure this post is actually legit because it will be added to your schedule in a second!


    Now Create & Continue.

    You should be seeing a success message now. If not, simply follow the Zapier’s instructions and fix problems.

    Now that it’s all done, simply turn your zap ON and you’re all ready to go.

    From now on, each time you add an image to your Trello card (on Instagram list) it will be automatically added to your Buffer schedule.

    What to do before each post:


    1. Create a Trello card in the Instagram list.
    2. Choose a Due date.
    3. Write the description. Save.
    4. Drag the image you want to share to the card.
    5. You’re all done! Zapier will check your account every 15 minutes for new activity so your post should appear in your schedule pretty soon.
    Next in the series: Connect Facebook and Twitter with Buffer.

    Tools I mentioned in the post: Trello, Buffer, Zapier.

    Get your Trello editorial calendar template

    And automate your social posts scheduling!

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