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Moving from Blogger to WordPress? Here’s what you need to know

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Last week, we launched Emily Vartanian’s blogStiletto Beats – and since then we’ve seen many of you asking questions about what does it look like to move away from Blogger to WordPress.

How long does it take?
Can you keep your posts untouched?
Will your Pins link to the correct blog posts after the move?
Will you keep your Google Analytics data?

So today, we’re sharing how to prepare yourself for the move, what is going to change and what to be really careful about.


Moving from Blogger to WordPress? Here’s what you need to know


  1. You’re going to need hosting.

Blogger is a free platform that storages your content in a free cloud. You don’t need to buy a server or set up your website manually. You simply create a blog and upload your posts.

With WordPress it’s different – you’re going to need hosting, which is your own cloud that you’re going to pay for. Then you install WordPress software on your cloud and start populating it with content.

Before you think about it as a downside though, let me just say it starts at $4/mo and it means your blog is YOURS and it really becomes an asset. With platforms like Blogger you can never really be the owner of your blog – they own it and they can take it away. Most established bloggers can’t afford that.

If you don’t want to buy your own hosting, you can use – which is service similar to Blogger, but uses WordPress software. You pay monthly and it’s all stored for you in their cloud. There are many limitations to it though, and it’s not a good fit for someone who needs freedom to design their blog look and functionalities their way.

I always recommend BlueHost, because it works with WordPress software perfectly and have a great support team. Plans start at as low as $4/mo.


  1. You’ll have many more functionalities and options

Blogger is simple, because it’s free. This has its advantages, but when you’re trying to grow your blog and work with better brands, get better collaborations and treat your blog as your business asset, you will probably find yourself feeling like you’ve outgrown it pretty quickly.

With WordPress, you can design your blog look however you like, see your analytics report right inside your blog dashboard, have your own store and use different types of blog posts, for different types of content, like: video, music and quotes. Possibilities are really endless!

With Emily, we created a “shop the post” feature visible on her main blog page, which is great for her Reward Style earnings. You can have your own affiliate shop that looks fabolous and professional with just a few clicks.


See what we did for Emily Vartanian here



Some of the best plugins for WordPress that bloggers will find useful are:

  • Yoast SEO to boost your Google rankings and make the most of your content,
  • Jetpack to easily share your content on social media, see analytics and reports within your blog dashboard,
  • Akismet to get rid of spam comments and messages,
  • Reward Style plugin for your influencer shop,
  • Mailchimp / Convertkit plugins so you can easily connect your blog with your email list provider,
  • BackupBuddy so you can automate your blog backups and make sure it’s all staying safe in the cloud
  • Wp Polls to easily create polls and ask readers for their opinion of your content Many more!


  1. Your blog posts can be easily imported to WordPress, but they might need a bit of editing.

You won’t lose any blog posts and they can easily be imported to WordPress. The only thing is, you might have to edit them a little. It’s because Blogger uses different format than WordPress and some things may display differently after the move.

This is normal when changing platforms though and isn’t difficult to fix. For example: your Reward Style shortcodes will need to be replaced, because WordPress uses different shortcodes than Blogger.


  1. When the move is done properly, you will keep all your links and analytics.

It’s super important for established bloggers to keep their analytics and links. You Pin a lot, or share your blog posts all over social media. The last thing you want is broken links! That doesn’t look professional at all.

You also want to see all the analytics from past months or years, so you’re able to see your blog’s growth.

Don’t worry, though! When the move is done the way it should, you will keep all your links and analytics and won’t lose anything. Make sure you hire a professional for the move if you’re not sure how to do it yourself, just to be safe.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress is not that difficult when you tech savvy, but there can always be problems you might not know the workaround for, especially if you have a lot of content.


  1. It literally takes a couple of hours to move.

Depending on how much content you have on your blog, the move can take a couple of hours. It’s as simple as importing your content and setting your blog on WordPress.

The only thing that can take longer is edits you may need to do after you import your blog posts – replacing shortcodes, re-uploading some images, etc.

The time it takes also depends on the fact if you’re using your own domain or standard blogger URL structure. If you need to move your domain it can take longer, but only because it’s not entirely up to you. This process depends on on your domain and new hosting providers reliability.



WordPress is definitely a great platform to move away from Blogger to.

If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown Blogger and are held down by its limited possibilities, you should definitely do the move. If, at the same time, you’d like to do your blog overhaul like Emily did, go ahead and drop us a line here.


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