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Brand Archetype Quiz helps you discover your business’ personality and tap into the unconscious mind of your ideal audience to unlock your potential and build an irresistible brand.

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Brand Archetypes Quiz are a great way to use psychology to tap into your customers emotions and influence them, help you focus your brand WHILE still staying true to your values.

Which our of 12 Archetype s describes your brand?QUIZ

Brand Archetype quiz

We all have goals, motivations, fears and personalities.test quiz

We’ve got 4 core differentiators between Archetype s groups and those are the main goal of the archetype. Our quiz helps you understand which is yours. 


  1. Provide Structure with Caregiver, Ruler and Creator
  2. Connect to others: with Girl Next Door,Lover and Joker
  3. A spiritual journey with Innocent, Sage and Explorer,
  4. and Leave a mark with Rebel, Magician and Hero.


The Creator is all about expressing themselves and bringing their vision to reality. They love creating something that did not exist before and get great satisfaction from both the process as well as the outcome. They want to leave a legacy, create something of lasting value.

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The Magician is all about change, transformation, and metamorphosis. They find ways to create something that is truly magical, leaving you mesmerized.

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Idealists and dreamers always looking for ways to be happy and spread happiness. They are seeking simplicity, honesty and being able to be themselves.

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Sage Brand Archetype  Quiz


They spend their whole time searching for the truth, learning and digging deep into the things they care about. It’s not about education, but wisdom.

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Hero Brand Archetype


The Hero is disciplined, driven, very competitive. Strong both physically and mentally, they do not shy away from challenges that lay ahead.

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Girl Next Door Brand Archetype Quiz

Girl Next Door

If your brand strives to belong, being a part of the community and create a connection with others like Jenna Kutcher, GAP or IKEA this is your archetype.

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Joker Brand Archetype


Hedonist, careless, cheerful, unpredictable. The Joker is all about playing around, disrupting the order, making fun and not taking things too seriously.

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Explorer Brand Archetype Quiz


Restless, always searching, exploring, trying to find themselves. Whether they are searching for themselves or experiences, they are always on the run.

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Rebel Brand Archetype Quiz


The Rebel is all about destroying what’s not working and doing things their own way, often shocking others in the process.

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Lover Brand Archetype


Sensual, passionate and vulnerable. The Lover wants a true connection not only with their lover but their family and friends.

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Caregiver Brand Archetype


Deeply loving and compassionate. Often forget about themselves, feeling neglected and out of their power. They are very inclusive, approachable, protective.

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Ruler Brand Archetype


They’re called to stop to the chaos around them, take control of their lives. As a Ruler brand, you help people use their authority to influence change.

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Brand Archetype s Quiz help us focus and build a consistent character, but that’s not all.

They help us DIFFERENTIATE our brands from others in our niche. You can use them to have a unique take on your niche, build a different personality.

For example: let’s compare Canduby’s chocolate to Snickers. Both are chocolate, but they have totally different personalities.

Cadbury is all about the pleasurable moments (Lover archetype) and Snickers helps you get going again (Hero archetype).

Even though this is the same niche, they are totally different brands.

Or brands Like Tresseme (Girl Next Door Archetype), L’Oreal (Magician) or Magnum Ice-cream (Lover Archetype, all about pleasure).take our brand archetype quiz and find out

This was absolutely one of the most accurate quiz I have ever taken. Thank you for confirming what I already felt. The results completely resonated with me.


OMG – absolutely – quiz made me shiver – this so me.



This is so spot on me that I am a little shocked it could be generated on a 12 question quiz. I can’t wait until I get the next email from you!


There was a lot about the Innocent that felt like you had read my mind.



Total honesty, while taking this quiz, I was thinking “ok this is just one of those “scams” situations where they are going to constantly blow me up to buy things and this quiz probably isn’t even going to brand me correctly”.. However, when the results came in, they were complete ON POINT and I was a bit shocked lol


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