brand VIP Day

Create a full brand influence strategy in 1 day

During the 4-hours intensive session we’ll work on your brand personality, strategy, messaging, brand positioning, marketing strategy, brand visuals, audience building strategy and more. Video training, resources and recording of the session included.

Feel like it’s time to stop going around in circles and get help with your brand?

If so, you’re probably…
  • Stuck in your own head  trying to figure out what your next steps should be to reach your goals
  • Ready to scale and grow your brand but feel like you really need another perspective and support of someone who “gets it”
  • Tired of all the conflicting advice around you and ready to get clarity and become confident Creative Director of your brand
  • Ready to create a clear roadmap to uncovering your brand’s true potential and skyrocket your business

…and get to your big, ambitious goals faster.

Erin Busbee Busbee Style Adored Designs Brand VIP Day Testimonial

I already have a really solid understanding of my demographic, but with Alex’s help, I was able to dive deeper. I now have a better understanding of my target demographic’s wants / needs and know how to present better copy and visuals, which is so valuable.



our clients have been featured in

I got new, fresh perspective on my brand and confirmation what I’ve done intuitively was good. We reworked my brand strategy amd I can’t wait to put it into action!



Brands we work with are often stuck because they have never gone through a proven process of creating a brand strategy that works and is holistic.


be always prepared to make the best first impression


create a cohesive brand experience that WOW’s your clients and customers and build brand loyalty


make your brand irresistible using the power of psychology of perception


build a brand that represents your business values, mission and vision


connect with your ideal audience on a deep, emotional level so they can’t help themselves but buy from you


stand out in your industry and become a leader in your niche

…and create an irresistible brand people can’t help but buy from.

Jen Shattuck Hair Stylist Testimonial Brand VIP Day

I would definitely recommend this session to anyone who needs more direction and a proven process for creating a strong brand.

You’ll also know how to implement it to draw in their ideal clients, which is priceless.



I felt stuck, my brand and website didn’t reflect who I really was and what I wanted to sell and attract as a professional make up artist.

Alex helped me to dream big and to believe in my potential as a professional and as a brand.


We’ll take you through our proven A.D.O.R.E.™methodology


Assess your current brand and business strategy to see where are the opportunities, what you need to improve and what you need to do to get the best results.


Define your brand’s personality, messaging, strategy and story so it’s easier for you to connect with your audience and build a strong and influential brand experience.


Outline the strategies that you will need to attract your ideal customers, raise your pricing, package your products in an irresistible form and elevate your whole brand experience.


Redesign your brand experience and all the touchpoints that need to be elevated so you grow your brand, increase your sales and hit your income goals.


Embody your brand, so you can grow your business further confidently and create a strong, memorable brand.

Ready to create a strong brand influence strategy in 1 day?

payment plans available

After my VIP Day with Alex I feel so much more confident in my business and like I really GOT THIS.

I have a lot more clarity about my brand and process, I love the acronym we came up with for it too.



The Brand VIP Day

with the A.D.O.R.E.™ methodology

Discover your current brand positioning

value: $2,500

Through our in-depth questionnaires, you’ll be able to dive deep into your current brand positioning, its challenges, strengths and opportunities for growth. It will work as a foundation for the LIVE session.

Have your brand assessed by experts

value: $2,500

We’ll assess your brand experience and give you constructive feedback on all areas of your brand experience. This will help you connect the dots, so you’re able to see where’s a room for growth.

Get video training, workbooks and templates

value: $1,750

You’ll get access to our exclusive video training that covers concepts from our unique A.D.O.R.E.™  methodology. That way, during the session we will work through this on a totally different level and help you make real progress.

Get coaching, support and instant feedback

value: $2,000

During this intense session, we will help you get out of your head, gain perspective and see the big picture: your brand as a whole. We’ll talk about your unique influence strategy in detail and help you challenge some of the aspects of your brand to make your vision even bigger.

Dive deep into your ideal client profile

value: $1500

We’ll take you through a powerful exercise that will help you understand your ideal client on a totally different, emotional & subconscious level and allow you to adjust your brand messaging to attract them and be irresistible to them. It will become much easier to understand and communicate the real value your brand brings.

Define your brand personality, tone of voice, messaging and story

value: $5500

Together, we’ll discover your brand’s archetypal mix, its personality, tone of voice, messaging and craft its unique story that it will tell throughout the brand experience. This is what sets apart purposeful, soulful brands and allows them to connect with their audience on an emotional level.

Define your brand's visual theme

value: $2500

During the session, we’ll define what should your brand visual theme be to send the right message and attract your ideal customers and clients.  Then, after the session you’ll receive a professional moodboard you can use as a brief for your brand identity design (your logo, website, packaging, and more). 

Outline a brand experience to rave about

value: $1500

We’ll guide you through outlining a customer-oriented, excellent brand experience people rave about to help you build brand loyalty and instantly stand out in your niche. 

Learn how to embody your brand and grow it without loosing its essence

value: $1500

To really build momentum and grow your brand consistently without it becoming vague and diluted, we’ll show you how to embody it, brainstorm content themes together, craft your brand’s culture and teach you how to become a powerful Creative Director.

Get a personalised Brand Primer document

value: $500

After the session, you’ll receive a Brand Primer document that covers all major aspects of your brand strategy we’ll cover on the session, following the A.D.O.R.E. ™ methodology. You can use to stay consistent, communicate your strategy to your team or vendors.

Get a video recording + assets

value: $250

Our sessions are intense and full of fantastic realisations and shifts in mindset, so it’s important for us that you’re able to replay them when you want to get back to what we talked about on-demand. You’ll receive a video recording of the whole call you can download and watch anytime you like.

Go through the same A.D.O.R.E methodology we take our 1-on-1 clients, for a much smaller investment.

The investment

$ 9,500  $5,500

payment plans available

The Brand VIP Day

IS perfect for you if you’re:

Ready to dive deep into your brand and create a strong influence strategy that will help you reach your goals and become a go-to brand in your niche

Experiencing a discord between how you want your brand to be perceived and it’s current positioning

Ready to go to the next level in your business: launch a new product line, service, podcast, or simply scale your business

Experiencing a shift in your business and need your brand to reflect that: attract new audience and position yourself differently

Absolutely frustrated with being stuck in your own head, questioning your brand, business and offer and ready to be guided through a proven process and get a fresh perspective

is NOT for you if you’re:

Not ready to make enough investment to facilitate a real change in your business

Not comitted to put the time and effort into making a real change in your business

Simply looking for a website and logo designer without any strategy behind the visuals

Not seeing the value in digging deep into your brand, understanding your ideal audience to the core and defining a strategy that will help you connect with them on a subconcious level

Not ready to go to the next level in your business and face the new challenges ahead

We help fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands all over the world become simply irresistible.


Jewellery brands


Online boutiques


Medical aesthetic clinics


Professional makeup artists


Bloggers and influencers


Health & Lifestyle coaches and courses creators


Fashion brands


Beauty brands


Life & lifestyle coaches


Personal stylists


Personal trainers


Masseuses & wellness clinics

+ more
some of our clients
Aleksandra Rogala-Jacek
brand coach + creative director, founder 

Here’s the thing:
I want you to unlock your true potential and make your vision even BIGGER.

Why? Because I know from experience we often limit ourselves when we’re in it on our own. 

Over the years of working with different brands and entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the biggest progress they made was when we dig really deep in their brands and they got to bounce their ideas off of me.

We need an outside perspective of someone who “gets it” and have been where we are.

It’s the understanding, support, encouragement and asking the right (and often tough) questions what helps you move forward.

My intention is not only to throw a bunch of strategies at you, but to make you feel empowered and confident.

That’s why I use a mix of coaching, strategy, feedback and encouraging support to help you you see your potential, get excited to fulfil it and have a clear roadmap to follow.

I packed over 10+ years of my experience working with top brands and influencers into this program, so you can use it to elevate yours.

brands I designed for in my career

Jimmy Choo | Karl Lagerfeld | Roberto Cavalli | River Island | Childrensalon

selected clients at adored designs

Nicolette Mason | Emily Vartanian | MOTD Cosmetics | María Catála | Skin Emporium London | Corri McFadden | Shannon Willardson | Childrenslane | Molly Larsen | Samantha Stewart

Go through the same A.D.O.R.E methodology we take our 1-on-1 clients, for a much smaller investment.

The investment

$ 9,500  $5,500

payment plans available

What happens after you book

Apply, Book & Pay

Use our scheduler to pick a date and time that suits you best, then go through our secure checkout to pay in full or choose a payment plan.

Confirmation + welcome

Right after the payment, you’ll receive an email confirmation, a welcome video and our questionnaire to help us all prepare for the call.

LIVE, 2x 2-hours sessions

During the session, we’ll take you through our unique A.D.O.R.E. methodology to work on all aspects of your brand, give you feedback and offer advice.

Video recording + assets

Within 24 hours after the session you’ll receive a video recording of your call and assets we were working on during the 4 hours together. 



No, because the Brand VIP Intensive is all about priming your brand and helping you understand what you need to do to reach your goals, whether it’s scaling and growing your brand or launching a new, strong brand. 

We will help you define your brand visual scheme on the call, by brainstorming what type of visuals would best represent your brand though.

The design comes after your brand strategy is nailed – that’s how you create a strong brand that makes sense. That’s how you become a powerful Creative Director of your brand: by understanding what your brand strategy is and how to pick the right visuals for it. 

If you chose to have us design your brand visuals too, we can talk about the next steps with you after the Brand VIP Intensive. 


What if I don't yet have a brand strategy?

Perfect! We’ll create one with you during the session.

I'm going through a transition in my business, is this the right offer for me?

It’s the perfect offer for you. Our VIP Days helped entrepreneurs and brands get out of their head, craft a transition strategy and get clarity around their changing brand. We’ll also dive deep into your ideal customer profile which may be changing if you’re transitioning, talk about your services and products and see how we can make the transition smooth and not confuse your audience.

What's your waitlist?

We know you want results quickly, that’s why you’re interested in a 1 day intensive! This offer is available with a maximum of 2-6 weeks waitlist (instead of 6+ months for our Brand Elevation service).

In just 1 day you could…


Stop the guesswork and get out of your own head


Have your brand assessed by branding PROs


Discover and define what makes you different and stand out


Outline an outstanding brand experience to WOW your customers


Get clarity around your brand, ideal clients and offering


Craft a strong brand fluence strategy that connects


Create a full, strong brand strategy by following a proven process


Get feedback, advice and answers to your burning questions


Discover your brand personality and use psychology to attract ideal clients


Get unstuck, move forward with your brand and finally reach your goals

…and completely transform your brand from the inside out.

You don’t need to struggle alone. Get help and support you need and skyrocket your brand.

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