Can design really make a difference to your business?

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When I tell you about how custom branding & web design can make a difference to your business, you’re probably very intrigued, but I hear you wonder…

  • Does design really make a difference?
  • Is it really worth the investment?
  • Will it solve my problems?
  • Will it bring a return of the investment?

That’s fair. I’d ask same questions if I were to invest a few $k in my business (I already did and can honestly say it’s so worth it with the right person!).

So let me stop talking and just show you, okay?


Maria’s story

Maria‘s a professional makeup artist and an influencer based in Alicante, Spain. She’s been in business for over 10 years now and she’s very successful at what she does.

A few years ago, she started producing amazing video content showing people how to do makeup. It was so successful, that she’s created an online course (that’s a hit too, by the way).

The problem was…because of her big following and her DIY-ed branding and web design, she was constantly perceived as a blogger who does makeup, rather than a professional makeup artist with a blog.

She would receive sponsored posts opportunities way too often and miss out on makeup jobs. She would miss out on opportunities she really wanted, because of the glitch her branding and web design created in her audience’s minds.


This is a dangerous place to be.


She came to me a few months ago absolutely frustrated, telling me she’s been looking for the right designer for years! She said she didn’t need to just beautify her website. She needed to fix her problems. And she needed it fast!

This happened just hours after her new website launch…


Only hours after the launch, she gained enough prospective clients to organise a few of her in-person courses.

She’s gained a few $k worth of new business in just a few hours!

This is what happens when strategy meets design. It helps you attract the right people and connects them to your brand so they are comfortable to buy right now.





Here’s what Maria had to say about working with us:



I was concerned about the investment and the bad experiences I had in the past, but at the same time I was sure I could trust you.

You knew exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations! You make the overwhelming task of rebuilding a whole website so easy. I feel that now my site does represent me and my work.

Are you ready to finally crush the ceiling and reach out for the things you really want?

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