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How coaches can present their services visually and appealing

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I recently talked to my friend, who’s a coach & business strategist and one thing she said to me really struck the chord:

“I wish I could show my services in a tangible way like you do. It’s so hard to sell a concept or idea.”


Can you relate?


When you’re a coach, business strategist or offer Facebook Ads it can be really hard to present your services in a visual way. You probably struggle with your Instagram, you try to make your website look good but it’s hard to find the right photos and layout to make it look interesting and personable.

Yes, it’s a lot easier with design, but you can show your offer in a way that’s awesome, too!


Show your personality

Invest in a proper branding video or photoshoot to show who you are in an engaging way and have content to put into your workbooks, sale pages and newsletters. People buy from people! Showing your energy is especially important if you sell concepts or ideas. People will need to trust you with your problems and struggles, so they need to know you’re the kind of person they feel comfortable around.

Imagine how big of an impact could your website make on your credibility and authority if you had a professional video visible at the top of your site.

Need to find a great photographer you can trust in your area? Leave a comment below and I will help you connect with people I can recommend all over the world.




Share success stories as a magazine would

Write a case study, presenting your client before and after. Invite them for a quick interview that you can then present on your website. Help your prospective clients envision what’s possible for them with your help.

As a coach, you’re helping your clients get results they want. Is it by helping them create more freedom in their business, crush their money blocks or fall in love with their own body again – you’re selling a lifestyle, a feeling that comes with it.

Ask them a few questions you can use for an interview and for a few photos you can present on your website. Think like a magazine editor for a day and create case studies that feel personal, are interesting to read and help you show the impact you make in a way that’s easy to digest and imagine.

Also, use the power of Instagram Stories to show your personality. Create a quick video talking about your client and how you helped them tackle a problem they’ve had, or share your insights and advice on some specific topics you know your ideal clients struggle with.


Create strong branding

Your brand needs to connect you with your ideal client and speak to their heart. If you feel that your brand doesn’t represent you a tiny bit, it’s probably time to invest in a proper branding process.

If you don’t capture your ideal client’s attention within a few seconds from their landing on your website, they probably won’t scroll down to see how amazing you and your offer are.

You deserve to be discovered and your potential to be fulfilled!


Create resources that build your brand awareness

Printable workbooks or free e-books are not only for your clients to get a piece of your work. They are to help create your brand awareness. Through cohesive and consistent branding you can create an experience people remember. This is a powerful way for you to establish the connection, keep building those relationships and show them every step of the way (through your funnel) that you’re an authority that’s reliable, trustworthy and professional.

Invest in a professionally designed workbook they can fill out, or sell an ebook that’s an extension of your brand and does some marketing for you too.



Show the lifestyle

Helped your client level up their business? Re-post their picture on Instagram and talk about how you helped them get there.

If you’re stuck on ideas for how to present it – get inspiration from lifestyle bloggers. They always show products or experiences in a context of their own life. You don’t have to be on all of your instagram pictures of course! Fill your Instagram with lifestyle photos from or your own photoshoot, presenting the life and results you help your clients to achieve.

Want to talk about how amazing it would be to feel comfortable in your own skin again? Show a picture of sandy beach on a sunny day. This will make them feel how awesome would it be to be there next time feeling awesome about themselves.

Helping people with business strategy? Show pictures of women having fun in their free time. After all, this is what we want strategy and structure for – more time to do what we love, less time to be frustrated and confused.

Help them paint the picture you want them to see!




Invest in proper visuals

If you know you’ve got a lot to offer and your strategy is strong, but your website and marketing collateral is purely boring and don’t connect you with your audience – you can really benefit from a proper, custom design.

Great designer can transform a plain text file into something that’s engaging and beautiful. Your website will be interesting, your freebies and e-books easy to read and beautiful as a magazine and your clients will connect with your brand a lot easier.

Inconsistent, accidental branding and poor quality visuals can cheapen your brand and hurt your credibility – such an important factor in every sale you’re trying to make.


People understand visuals a lot quicker and better than they understand written word. The unconscious message visuals send can be very powerful and you want to make sure it’s the message you do want to send.

How to stand out from the competition?

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  1. Shaleahia Hennix

    Hey Jessica! This was the perfect blog post (just what I needed as I was confused what to photograph for my consulting business). I’m curious if you happen to know any great branding photographers in NYC? Thanks a bunch in advance!

    • Alex

      Hi, Shaleahia! I’ve got a photographer that I can recommend in NYC! This is her website –>
      She’s mainly a product photographer but she does branding shoots as well, so just contact her!


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