Now that you know basics of Color Psychology, it’s time for more in-depth blog post. Let’s dive into the Spring color personality. I am curious to see if it resonates with you and your business.

What best describes the Spring personality, is this feeling you get when Winter is ending and you can see the first signs of Spring. It brings optimism, makes you feel inspired, full of energy and wanting to start new projects.

You want to clean the house, paint the walls and change cushions to more vibrant colors. You are so tired of Winter, you can’t wait for all the warmth and brightness Spring brings.

Spring people inspire others with their energy, creativity and expressiveness. If you’re the kind of person who is often told to light up the room – you’re a Spring personality for sure.


It’s the most fresh, energetic, vibrant and positive out of all seasons. Colours are light, bright and clear. The whole feel is very positive and uplifting.

This season is perfect for people who are creative, fun, friendly, open, positive, excellent communicators, building new relationships with others easily. They’re head is full of ideas and they may have problems finishing things. It’s just because they are so motivated and inspired to start on another project, it’s difficult for them to finish the previous one. They tend to put all their heart and soul into what they do, all their energy.

Spring businesses are supportive, helpful, forward thinking, open and honest. They don’t try to build unnecessary distance between them and their clients. They want to become friends and work together, towards something fun and creative. They communicate in a direct and open way, are fast-paced and energetic. They tend to inspire everyone around them with their positive energy and friendly attitude.

If you’re a marketer, teacher, a life/business coach, graphic designer, PR specialist or a photographer, this season will be absolutely perfect for you. It’s bright and vibrant colours will help you communicate all you’re about to your people.

Spring personality resonates with me deeply, I feel like I was writing about myself!

Spring Color Palette

Color palette for Spring is very broad, but what’s important, is that those colors are warm, bright, clear and light. You won’t find any dark colors here, although you may find darker shades of blue, grey or purple, that are supportive colors of the other light shades. All colors are warm, so even if you choose blue (which is the most cool color of all), you’ll find only warm shades, like turquoise, mint, or pastel blue with a tint of yellow.

Choose from yellow, peach, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, turquoise, mint, green and supportive colours like: warm greys, dark purples and blues.

Textures and patterns

Dotty, rounded shaped geometric patterns, hand drawings, busycreative.
Look for patterns that are energetic, optimistic, fun or look like they’ve been drawn by hand. They are a play with color, engaging and bright.
For textures: multicolored, bright, vibrant and energetic.

If you’re looking for images that will capture this color personality, look for colorful, positive images of smiling people, colorful flowers and beautiful, sunny landscapes.


Spring is very engaging, friendly and open. Your fonts must be legible, round and bright. Avoid serif fonts, which are perfect for Summer Personality, which we’ll be talking about soon.
Perfect fonts for this color personality are sans serif fonts, like:
If you’d like to choose beautiful script fonts that accompany this season, choose from ones with fine lines and consistent width, like:

Lines and shapes

Best shapes that capture that are circles, round shapes, with no hard edges. You can use rectangles (which is super practical, especially in web design), but mix it with circles and oval shapes to break up the blocky layout. Fine lines.

Is Spring your personality?

I am dying to know if Spring Personality resonates with you and if you feel it’s describing YOU and your business. I do for sure! Le me know in the comments.
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