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Create a killer editorial calendar for your brand 2019

Psst! Ready to uncover your brand personality?

We already talked about creating an editorial calendar in Asana for your blog and we know you loved this post! We constantly work on improving our systems and work smarter, not harder, though. That’s why today we’re going to show you what’s changed in our process since our last post and how you can pick our brains so your business benefits too.

Start with strategy

Without it, it’s hard to pick subjects for posts and blog posts, hard to think how to write so you connect with your audience. It’s even really hard to pick the best time for posting.

To get started, we want to send you off to Maggie Giele, a marketing strategist who’s wrote this amazing post about content marketing basics.

Once you’re clear on that, we should start from setting some goals.


  • What would you like to achieve in your business in the next year, 3 or 5? 

Maybe you want to launch a new product, attract a different audience, or book more of a certain type of clients?

Those are all the goals your editorial calendar should help you work towards.

Once you are clear that, divide them into smaller goals and assign those to quarters in the year. This will help you know what to post about during each and single quarter, making sure it will help you reach your goal in the end.


  • Do you have any big launches or events coming up?

If you do, you might want to create a few campaigns to promote them, so your content will be different from the one you normally post.

Organise your calendar

First, let’s start with marking the important dates like holidays, events, launches or national days. Those are the days you know you don’t want to miss and are able to prepare content for ahead of time. We usually take care of those things at the beginning of the year, so we don’t have to worry about them later.

Create a system

Writing blog posts and social media posts + scheduling them = a headache and hours upon hours of your time. This doesn’t have to look that way though!

We wanted to share a few hacks with you, which will allow you to do all of this a lot quicker and with a smile on your face. Promise!


Create a template

Recently, we moved to Clickup (leaving Basecamp and Asana behind), which allows us to create tasks for posts and see them all on our calendar. It also syncs with our Google Calendar to help us be extra organised.

We have a template for our blog posts, newsletters and social posts in Google docs, as well as our tasks for each of those.

This saves us tons of time, makes it easy to follow and difficult to miss anything important. We make good use of checklists, subtasks and templates to quickly check stuff out of our list.


Create a clear process

There’s no point of reinventing the wheel each time you write content for your business. Spend some time to write down all the steps needed to write and publish a blog post, social media post or a newsletter and see where you can simplify or improve. Once you’re happy, make it a process you follow each time.

Not only will it get easier and less complicated that way, but it will also allow you to easily delegate when needed.


Create a system

We use Clickup checklists to follow all the steps needed to write and publish blog posts, newsletters and social media posts. We did it once, and now simply make sure to follow it. This way we are 100% sure it’s done right, each time, without extra effort or worrying about forgetting something.

It’s connected with our Google Docs, calendar and other tools to help us work efficiently. Everything syncs with everything and makes it super easy to follow through.

Once the post is scheduled, we also use systems to automatically promote it for us on social media.

Interested in us creating a system like that for your business? Contact us today!


Batch work

Don’t jump from one task to another. This will make you tired and frustrated in no-time! Instead, do similar tasks together.

For example:

– write 5 blog posts in Google Docs

– check the spelling in all 5 posts

– write titles for all 5 posts

– choose and create images for all 5 posts

– set all those 5 posts up on your website

– schedule all your posts


You can use tools like Zapier to automate your social posts scheduling with your favourite tools (like Buffer, Trello, Facebook, Instagram and more), as well as promote your newly published blog posts on social media for you.

PRO TIP: Use Revive old posts plugin to keep posting for you on Twitter, promoting your older posts constantly + bringing traffic to your website.


Struggling with setting up a system that works? Contact our team to do it for you!

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