Is Creator your brand's *irresistible* personality?

Creator Brand Archetype is all about bringing vision to life.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Helen Keller

Innovative, creative and wanting to create something of lasting value.

The Creator is all about expressing themselves and bringing their vision to reality. They love creating something that did not exist before and get great satisfaction from both the process as well as the outcome. They want to leave a legacy, create something of lasting value.

If your brand is the Creator, you want to bring your vision to reality and be able to do so by following the process you worked hard on and using skills you spent years to hone.

Trusting in the creative process (and having control over it) and living authentic self-expression is really important to you. You derive meaning from bringing structure into something that’s chaotic. Making things tangible, better. Innovate. Creating new systems, solutions or processes is your secret weapon.

You may find yourself too personally self-involved in your business. Feeling as though your business is your baby, your way of expressing yourself. It may make it hard for you to scale, delegate or sell the business if the time comes.

The Summary

Motto: Express yourself, trust the process.

Basic desire: To create structure, create something of lasting value.

Goal & objective: To express themselves and give form to a vision.

Fear: To have a mediocre vision or execution.

Strategy: Create a high-quality process, hone your skills, follow the process to bring your vision to reality.

Weakness:  Not being able to detach themselves from the outcome, scale the business, delegate.

Talent: Creativity, innovation, imagination.

The call: Having a vision that you want to bring to life, inject structure to the world, transform a mess into something of lasting value.

Your customers need: A high-quality outcome and trust in your proven process and skills.


Your ideal customer

Your ideal audience hates low-quality, junk products and loathes ads unless they are experimental or somehow innovative. It’s quite hard to appeal to this audience but once you do, you can have a cult-like following almost (like Apple, who’s actually a Rebel brand).

Even though your customers love high-quality items and great materials do not mistake them for snobs who buy items to flaunt them around. They are often found on flea markets in search of something special, high-quality and unique.

They are do-ers and often have hobbies like gardening, crafting, drawing or other DIY activities. They love to express themselves and will find a way to do that.


Connect with your audience

If you want to connect with your ideal audience, you need to create a trustworthy, reliable and high-quality brand experience. Trust is one of the most important things for your audience, so watch out for anything that would sabotage it. Creating a cohesive, consistent branding experience will help you build that trust, because hey, they expect something and get exactly that, every time.

To build the trust factor remember to be down to earth and show them how much you’re like them and understand what they’re going through. Give them assurance and be open.

Perfection is not something that’s important for your audience. Authenticity is. Be open, share your own challenges and vulnerabilities, but be careful not to be too flashy, as it may put them off.

For your clients, creating and self-expression is a form of introducing order and structure in their lives as well, so this archetype will activate in people who are overwhelmed, feel like they lost themselves in their busy lives or in the world.


What your brand experience should be?

Your audience wants freedom, but it is motivated by control. Your brand experience should help them introduce structure in their lives, while also giving them a way to express themselves and have freedom of their creative process. Your brand is a visionary, non-conformist and creating something unique that has lasting value and quality to it. Make sure your whole brand experience is consistent, thought through and that every brand touchpoint is an expression of your excellence.


Brands and people within the Creator archetype


Lego, Adobe, Sony, Maria CatalaMOTD Cosmetics, Max Factor


Bill Gates, Karl Lagerfeld, Adele





Does this describe your brand?


    • Alex

      I’m happy to hear that, Sue! How are you going to use the knowledge about the Creator archetype to make your brand more irresistible?

    • Life

      Absolutely! Amazingly so on point and spot on.

    • Alex

      I’m glad you found it helpful, Lunga!

    • Marita

      It looks like is describing me! Glad I found your post!

    • Tinu


    • Alex

      That’s great, Tinu! I hope it gave you lots of ideas to apply to your brand. Let me know what are you going to change in your brand now that you understand your Brand Archetype better.

    • Johana

      thanks so much. It’s amazing how exact to the point are this test results. It gave me confidence and made me realized that I need to work more on developing my strategy to succeed.

    • Alex

      I’m so glad results are on point! I hope it’s going to help you create a brand to adore!

    • Steven

      Insanely helpful! Thanks guys!

    • Alex

      You’re welcome, Steven!

    • Simona Maiotti

      Yes! Very much! It’s me and my approach to interior design . The way I reason and operate…

      A part from the brands indicated would you ave any interior design brand in the creator archetype to mention?

      Thank you!

      Best regards,


    • Alex

      Nothing comes to mind at the moment, I will let you know if I think of something. I’m glad it was helpful xx

  1. Sue Studd

    I need to be totally different and stand out from the rest, so the world can see me but not sure how to do that on a tiny budget!

    • Alex

      Exactly! Since you sell products, why not invest in a professional photoshoot of your dragonflies? I really recommend Auguste!

  2. Sue Studd

    Thank you but I have had three professional photo shoots .
    Need a definite gimmick!
    Having new website built too!

  3. Alpha•Female

    Yes it did a lot!

    It gave me a head start for my brand.

    Thank you!

  4. Christina

    I’m an artist and seem to get the creator archetype. However, this archetype seems to be full of companies that allow the customer to create, not the business to create. It seems that selling art isn’t allowing the customer to create. That’s where I feel there is a disconnect with getting this archetype that leaves me with questions.

    • Alex

      Hi, Christina! Your brand’s archetype is what you share with your customers. So if you’re a Creator, your customers are the ones attracted do the Creator. By buying someone else’s art you’re also co-creating. After all, you’re adding beauty to your space, and express yourself and your taste. Not everyone creates themselves, but we can use someone else’s art to express ourselves. This is what Creator is all about. I hope this made it a bit clearer you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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