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    Last week I showed you how to send awesome campaigns with Mailchimp, so if you’re only getting started with this tool, check out this post first.

    This week, I am super excited to show you how to create a beautiful and branded email using Mailchimp’s templates.
    Let’s get started!

    1. Decide on the layout.

    Sit down and think about what will you want to send out. Do you mainly send out text, with a blog and social media feature below?
    Will you need to send product recommendations?
    Today, I will choose a simple email layout I also use to send to my subscribers. At the top you have your logo, then some text with images, then blog feature below, followed by social media icons and my signature.

    To create an email like that, choose a 1 column template from MailChimp’s pre-made templates (you can choose a full-width one as well).
    You will end up with a view like below, where you have an image at the top, followed by some text and social media icons.

    2. Upload your logo.

    You can either drop an image on the grey image body up top, or hit Browse and choose a file from your computer.

    PRO TIP:

    Use a twice as big image and then in Setting on the right-hand side, hit the Constrain image dimensions to 50% for high-definition displays. This will make the image large and sharp on mobile and retina displays. Hit Save and Close.

    3. Add content.

    Now it’s time to add the actual content of your campaign.
    If you ask your subscribers for their name in your email opt-in, you can use it now, by inserting the merge tag.

    Click on the text box on your email, so the settings opens on the right hand-side.

    Now you can insert text, use headings and other type tools and add links. To add your subscriber’s name, simply navigate to the Merge tags dropdown and choose the First name. It will insert a *|FNAME|* code to your email. This is how it’s supposed to be, don’t edit it!

    Change font size and heading by using the dropdown right above the text box.

    Hit Save & Close.

    4. Create blog feature.

    The blog feature I insert in here, is simply an image with text and button below.

    To do the same, simply drag the Image element from the right-hand side and place it where you’d like it to be on your email. Then upload your blog’s featured image.

    Remember to set its Alt text (text that shows when someone doesn’t download the email images, so make it relevant to your image) and Link (link it to your post).

    Hit Save & Close.

    Now do the same with the text box: drag it from the right-hand side and place below the blog post image.

    Now add your blog title, excerpt and Read more link.
    Hit Save & Close.

    I used the Image with caption element to achieve this simple effect. Then you drag it onto your email, choose your signature image and write the text above it. Then navigate to this element’s settings and set the Caption position to top and Image alignment to right.
    Hit Save & Close.

    6. Social media icons.

    This one is the simplest element. Simply drag and drop the Social share or Social follow elements onto your email, then choose the platforms from the settings, not the right-hand side. Then you can also choose if you want to show the platform name next to the icon (Settings) and what the icon will actually look like (Style).

    That’s it!
    It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?
    Now you’re able to create a simple email campaign for your brand and connect with your subscribers in style.

    Any questions? Pop them in comments, below!

    Create PRO Mailchimp newsletters

    Get our checklist and create newsletters that WOW your audience and sell your products.



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