Is your blog working for you? Let’s reevaluate it together.

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Starting a blog came from your heart – you love what you do, love your readers and have a huge passion for it, right?

Definitely, you want your blog to grow and be successful, giving you more opportunities, great collaborations with brands and other bloggers and allow you to earn good money as well. You use all your passion, skills and creativity and don’t want it to go to waste. I don’t want that either, so today I’m going to share a few tips with you that will help you reevaluate your blog, see what’s working and what should change.

Is your blog working for you?

What opportunities come your way?

The first and most important question you need to ask yourself is: do I get the opportunities that I want for my blog?

We all have different priorities and goals, so you need to be honest with yourself and think about what you really want from your blog. Is it to work on awesome campaigns with big brands? Or maybe to have a steady income by writing sponsored posts for brands you really love and value? You may also want to travel the world and share it with your audience. Affiliate marketing is also something a lot of bloggers do.

Maybe the fact that you’re blogging is a secondary thing and you’d like to focus on your expertise more?

Let me tell you about the client I work on currently. She’s a very skilled professional and she grew a really big following by sharing her knowledge on her blog. But the thing is – she was getting a lot of pitches from brands asking for sponsored posts, which is not the main thing she wanted to do. She wanted to be hired as a professional! She reevaluated her blog and have been honest with herself: her big following wasn’t enough. She wanted to grow as an entrepreneur in her field.

Is there a glitch between what opportunities come your way and your dreams and goals?

What does your audience need from you?

Your blog should definitely be something you love to do, otherwise you wouldn’t be authentic and you’d quit pretty soon (blogging is hard work, I know!).

The fact is, you will only get great opportunities if you have a decent following of engaged audience who values your opinion and content. You need to honour them!
It’s a great idea to make a survey and ask your audience about what would they like to see more of on your blog. You can simply do that by using Typeform or Survey Monkey.

If you’re on WordPress, install Jetpack or Google Analytics to see which posts are most popular. This will also give you idea of what people like to see the most! Maybe it’s something you felt the most passionate about and the energy was there for people to fell in love with? It may be that they want exactly what you’d like to do more of! If so, you’ve hit the goldmine, girl!

Where do people find you?

I always teach my clients to use Jetpack or Google Analytics. Then you can see exactly who comes on your blog, what do they read and how much time do they spend reading. With Google Analytics you can even see which buttons are clicked the most. This is a very useful knowledge!
It may be that most of your traffic comes from a totally different source than you spent your most time on! For example, people may find you through Google, while you’re spending your money on Facebook Ads. Or they can come from Pinterest mostly and it may be a great idea to sharpen your Pinterest game.
Be aware of the age and location of your audience. Those could be very valuable information for when you’re preparing your content. You will also need to know that when you pitch a brand for a collaboration. They expect those information from you so they can decide if you’re a good fit to promote their product or service.

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What if you need to change?

First of all, don’t be afraid to change! People like you for YOU, not for your blog design or your logo. However, it’s very important that those things are in line with where you are as a blogger.
You wouldn’t go to a Burberry party in a dress from target, would you?
It’s the same with your branding and web design! Of course, it’s good to have a modern, simple pre-made theme when you’re starting out, but there comes a time for any successful blogger when opportunities start to come your way and you need to be ready for them. If you don’t present yourself as a proper business woman who treats her blog seriously, you’ll lose out on great collaborations and campaigns. This can cost you your dream!

How do you know if you’re ready for a change

The best time to change is when you want to level up and are going through a transition. Maybe you’ve hit your 100k followers on Instagram and you know you’ve hit a big milestone for your brand. Maybe your fellow bloggers are getting the opportunities you long for.

Often, people feel like their brand is holding them back: lack of strategy and professional branding, web design that’s used by other, starting bloggers too. This doesn’t make you look good and it doesn’t help you level up!
If you feel like you may be ready for a custom blog design but have doubts, book your free 15mins consultation with me here or just message me and we’ll talk about your goals, dreams and struggles.

What big milestone did you hit for your blog lately?

Let me know in the comments!



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