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Going global with your e-commerce brand – 5 things to remember

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Nowadays, you don’t need to be forced to set up a physical shop and only sell to people who walk past it. Imagine how many sale opportunities would you miss that way!

Thanks to the internet, you can easily set up an online shop and sell your items worldwide! This means you can multiply your revenue and reach people who are highly interested in what you offer. Instead of trying to sift through a small percentage of people that even walk into your store, you get to intentionally choose who you’d like to invite to walk through the door.

If you already have an online shop that sells in your country but is dreaming of selling worldwide, there are a couple of things you should take care of first, though.


1. Find out where your ideal customer lives

Using tools like Google Analytics, you can see where can you find the most opportunities. Sometimes, your products might sell a lot better elsewhere, than in your home country.

For example we sell our digital products mostly to people in the US, even though we’re based in the UK.

Exploring other countries with the same languages is a good option to get started with minimum effort.

2. Make your website multilingual

Decided you’d like to conquer foreign countries? It’s a great idea to invest in your website’s multilinguality. You can either use a WordPress plugin like Polylang to translate your website or create a copy of your website in a different language.

Which option to choose? It depends on your needs, size of your shop and many other things, so if you’re wondering about that, just inquire here to chat about it and see how we can help.

3. Show multiple currencies & Payment options

Have you ever tried to shop in a different currency? It might be really frustrating! Make sure your website allows customers to choose their currency to make it easier for them to make a purchase decision. This also builds more trust in your shop, which is super important if you’re trying to sell worldwide.

You can use plugins like All Currency Converter to allow customers to view prices in their own currency.

Make sure your store allows all the most popular payment options for countries you’d like to expand to. Check the WooCommerce website to see which payment gateways are available for you to add here.


4. Shipping, TAX & VAT

If you sell physical products, do research to find the best shipping options for you. Companies like DPD or UPS ship to most countries, but it might be those are not the best options for a particular country.

Selling to other countries may mean you need to pay TAX or VAT. This is pretty important, so don’t ever let yourself ignore this! If you calculate it incorrectly, it might delay your parcel’s shipment or even mean a penalty.

5. Trust

Last, but not least: TRUST. When you’re trying to sell abroad, it means your customers might be hesitant to trust your shop’s credibility. After all, they pay you upfront and then trust you’ll deliver, from another country, or sometimes even continent.

You can do something to make them trust you easier, though!

Make sure to apply all the points above, as well as consider offering a money back guarantee and easy returns policy. This way, people will feel much safer purchasing from you and you’ll reach many, many more customers to multiply your revenue.

HOT TIP: Learn from big brands and include a Thank you card in your parcel, with returns form on the back. Not only will it look professional, but build trust and help your brand awareness.



Going global with your online shop is exciting! Don’t forget to apply all the necessary changes to your business though, and you will boost your chances of conquering new countries and new customers, build brand awareness and in turn, increase your revenue by A LOT.

If you’re thinking of preparing your store for international sales, talk to us and see how we can help with your project.

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