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Gold Fashion

A luxury childrenswear fashion brand based in Romania. What sets them apart? Their dresses are hand-painted by their in-house designer.

Gold Fashion is a luxurious, hand-painted dresses & accessories shop. Irina’s friend – Anca – is a very talented painter, who enriches each product with her beautiful designs, making it totally unique and irresistible.

Irina has been so focused on technical part of her business that she needed to get some clarity about who she caters really, how to find those people and what to do to attract their attention. How to show her product so it’s irresistible for them?
Thankfully, my many years of experience in fashion industry helped me understand exactly what luxury brands do, to be perceived as luxurious and build a desire for their products, even though they are sooo expensive.
It’s very important to understand your tribe – you can only be successful in your business when you know who you serve and how those people want to be served. It makes your job easier as well. I always try to help my clients visualise their customer, by creating a customer profile and even a moodboard. What do they look like? Where do they go, how do they spend their free time? Where do they work, when and how do they spend their money?

I absolutely LOVED working with Alex! She helped me understand what I want and need and translated it into the most stunning brand I would never even dreamed of!


Irina Cristina Abagiu|

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I’ve combined my 10+ years experience as a graphic designer for brands like Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, River Island, and Childrensalon in my early career + many top influencers and brands during my work at Adored Designs with my passion for psychology and the way humans form relationships.

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Alex Rogala-Jacek

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