Is Lover your brand's *irresistible* personality?

Lover Brand Archetype is all about the connection

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”

Marylin Monroe


Sensual, passionate and vulnerable.

The Lover wants a true connection not only with their lover but their family and friends. Unlike the Girl Next Door, Lover focuses on a deep, intimate connection with each person at a time, rather than the whole group.

If your brand is the Lover, you help people who long for a deep connection with the person you love.

The Lover is often misunderstood and described as only sexual, a seducer. Actually though, this archetype is activated within us whenever we long for a deep connection with a person we love. Whether it’s our lover or our parent or child, when Lover is active within us, we want a deep connection.

The Summary

Motto:  Love is the meaning of life.

Basic desire: To be loved.

Goal & objective: To become irresistible.

Fear: Being unloved, alone, unwanted.

Strategy: Become attractive to others.

Weakness:  Becoming shallow, or a puppet of others.

Talent: Passion, commitment.

The call: Loneliness, a deep longing for love and a true connection with one person.

Your customers need: To truly connect with a person they love, to be irresistible, loved and wanted.

Your ideal customer

They are not only seducers, as many may say. Your ideal customers are also people who want to cultivate deep connection and true relationships with the people they love. It could be their lover but also their parent, friend or child. It’s the love they are driven by.

Don’t think they are just shallow and want to simply become attractive using your products or services. For them, true love is the highest desire and they are willing to do a lot to achieve it: whether is looking better or becoming better and more attractive by working on their character.

They are romantics who are driven not only to receive love but to give it too.

Connect with your audience

Give your customers a way of feeling more loved, but also loving more. They are longing for deep connections, pleasurable sensations, intimate relationships and strong bonds with people they love. Appeal to their need for this connection but don’t only scratch the surface and talk about looking better to become more attractive. Focus on their romantic side and how they can make their special someone feel special.

What your brand experience should be?

Passionate, indulging, deep and sensational. Play on your customer’s senses and deep romantic side to evoke the need for connection and true, lasting love or a romantic fling.

Brands and people within the Lover archetype


Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, Chanel


Marylin Monroe, Megan Fox, Adam Levine

Does this describe your brand?


  1. Itanuoluwa

    Yeessss! This was really helpful. Thank you so much. This is what I was actually struggling to picture. Thank you

    • Alex

      I’m glad it helps!

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