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Magician Brand Archetype is all about the transformation.


“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Oprah Winfrey


Magician is transformative, turning a mess into something magical.

The Magician is all about change, transformation, renewal, and metamorphosis. They find ways to create something that is truly magical out of nothing or a bunch of mess, leaving others mesmerized.

If your brand is the Magician, you take your clients through a transformation, helping them make their dreams a reality.


Even though The Magician can create something truly amazing, there’s nothing magical about how they get there. They hone their skills, create a strong process and apply their deep knowledge to get the results their customers were only dreaming of but weren’t sure they were possible for them (often completely exceeding their expectations). They often hear that they’ve absolutely changed someone’s life or business.

The Summary

Motto: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. 

Basic desire: To understand the laws of the Universe.

Goal & objective: To bring about a transformation, to make dreams come true.

Fear: Unintended bad consequences.

Strategy: Having a vision and living it.

Weakness:  Manipulation, sorcery.

Talent: Incredible imagination, creating processes that bring results and make dreams come true.

The call: Deep need of realizing a vision, need to change, to transform, or bring about change, healing powers.

Your customers need: To go through a transformation to make their vision come to life.


Your ideal customer

Your ideal audience are people who believe in metaphysical, laws of the Universe and a higher power. They study psychology and want to be able to influence the world by using your products. They are looking for both personal transformation and to become a catalyst for change in the world around them. Often, they need to undergo a transformation themselves before they are able to embody their higher self and impact the world in a way they want to.


Connect with your audience

They have a deep desire to make a bigger impact and influence the world, so to connect with them you need to evoke those feelings in your advertising, branding, website copy. They need to see themselves after the transformation they have gone through and see you and your products as a way of becoming what they feel they need to become to truly embrace their potential.


What your brand experience should be?

Your brand is a healer, visionary, a wizard.  Inspire, evoke feelings of longing for becoming what they could be. Remind them of their deep desire to influence the world and make a change, a transformation. Show them how by undergoing a change themselves they can become ready to realize their vision.


Brands and people within the Magician archetype


Mac, Lynx, Xbox


Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Gandalf, Merlin






Does this describe your brand?


  1. Carolyn Searson

    Yes this perfectly describes my brand!

    • Michelle Fambrough

      In some ways it does. In other ways I am still striving to get there.

    • Alex

      Hope it gave you a clear goal now, Michelle.

    • Lisa

      This illustrates my branding perfectly. It’s a little scary tbqh. It encompasses all the imagery I envision. I’m going to print this out and frame it for my office. Seriously just found my anchor.

    • Alex

      I’m so glad to hear that, Lisa!

    • Alex

      Yes! That makes me so happy!

  2. Ishpreet

    Apart from my weakness, it’s spot on!

    • Alex

      The weakness is what COULD be, not necessarily is. It’s what your brand should be aware of. A good way of avoiding this brand trap is to share clear process and results you achieved.

  3. Nathalie Bagadey

    As my nickname in the business industry is “The Enchantress”, this could not fit me more. 😉
    Thanks for the nice confirmation and the precious information on this page. 🙏✨

    • Alex

      Yes, it seems like it fits you perfectly! What are your ideas on applying this archetype to your brand and become even more “magical”?

    • Nathalie Bagadey

      I was already thinking about changing colors or fonts, but now I see it more clearly : the wording should be more magical too. My landing page has been much too practical to attract my ideal clients and too much like anybody else’s, I understand it now. 👍

    • Alex

      It’s great to hear you got some clarity! Good luck with putting it into action 🔥

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