Send awesome newsletters with Mailchimp

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Send awesome newsletters with Mailchimp

Feb 24, 2017 | Design

As a business owner, you want to keep in touch with your subscribers. It’s an awesome way to build the relationship, show off your knowledge and expertise and eventually sell your products or services.

There are many tools to send professional newsletters, but let’s talk about my personal favourite – Mailchimp.

What I love about it the most is how easy it is to use. I can create professional and beautifully designed campaigns in minutes, by simply dragging and dropping the elements to my email draft, then filling them out and sending.

Let me take you through it, so you can start sending PRO emails and wow your subscribers.

1. Create a Mailchimp account..

You can start for free if your list is under 1000 subscribers, you’ll only pay $10 a month for features like automation and shop integration (those are absolute must for any entrepreneur!).

This process is easy and Mailchimp will guide you through it. Its amazing interface is so logical and intuitive, I believe it doesn’t really even need any explanation.

2. Create a list.

Go to the List link in the main menu, then select Create List in the top right corner. Then simply choose the name (remember, your subscribers will see it as well), choose the Default email address and From name and write a short explanation why someone’s signed up for the list (this one will be visible in the footer of your emails, in case people forget why they get emails from you).

Then fill in the Contact info (or leave the ones you’ve added when creating an account) – don’t try to put a fake address, you can get a huge fine!

PRO TIP: If you don’t want your subscribers to see your address on emails from you, you will be able to remove that data from your footer when creating a campaign. People will still be able to find out what your address is though, so if you don’t want that, it’s best to get a PO Box.

Start sending awesome emails


3. Create a new campaign.

Now that you have your list, you need to get people on it. This is a subject for another blog post so I won’t be talking about it here, let’s assume you already have a few people on the list that are ready to receive emails.

To create a new email campaign, hit the button in the right top corner on your dashboard, Create campaign.

Now choose your Campaign name (it’s not a subject line), and the type of the campaign.

Types of campaigns

Regular – a normal email campaign you may want to send every now and then.
A/B Testing – this is an awesome feature that enables you to send two different campaigns to the same list. 50% of people will receive version A, the rest version B. You can test entire campaign or even just a subject line, to see what works better.
Facebook Ad – create a Facebook Ad right from Mailchimp. Yup, it’s awesome!
Plain text – if you simply want to send out text email without any branding, choose this one.
RSS – send your new blog posts to your subscribers

Technical stuff
Remember to choose a compelling subject line, tick the “Personalised field” box (so you’re able to use your subscriber’s name in the email), and enable Google Analytics Tracking (if you’ve connected it to Mailchimp).

Choosing the right template
My clients always get a pre-saved template from me (or even 3) so they only need to open it, edit the contents and send.

But if you choose to create a new one, simply choose the layout you prefer and hit Next.
There are different options from simple one column emails, through 2 to 3 columns emails, to full-width emails. Loads to play around with here!

4. Add content.

Customising MailChimp’s templates is easy and fun! You can add content from the bar on the right hand-side, by simply dragging and dropping it to your email. Then you’re able to add text, images and buttons, videos, social share icons and even custom code.
Remember to include a call to action in your emails, to engage people a little!


If you’ve connected your store to Mailchimp, you can add recommended or most popular products right to your email.

5. Preview before sending.

To preview your campaign before you send it, simply hit the Preview and test button. It will take you to a real view where you can see how your campaign looks on desktop and mobile devices.
You can also send yourself, or your team members a test email. It will be the same as the real campaign, only as a test. This is a very important step and don’t skip it! It will help you grab the errors, not working links, or typos before you send it to your entire list!
There is also a Link checker  and Social cards  option. The first one checks all your links so you’re sure they are not broken. The second one lets you choose an image and description for social media in case you choose to share the campaign there.

When you’re happy with the design, it may be worth saving it as a template, for future use.

6. Send or schedule.

When you’re ready to send, hit Next. You will be taken to a page where you can check your list and subject line again and other important stuff. Always make sure to actually look at it and check if anything needs to be revised.


When you’re ready, you can either Send right away or schedule your campaign (two buttons below).


I personally prefer to schedule it. This way is also better because you can ask Mailchimp to choose the best time to schedule it for your particular list. It will come up with a time and you can simply hit OK button and forget about it.

Prepare your email newsletters ahead of time and use Mailchimp’s scheduling tool. It will choose the best time for you to send your campaign to optimise the engagement in your particular audience.

Next up, I will show you how to design a simple email using Mailchimp’s ready templates and brand it. To make sure you don’t miss the post, sign up for my newsletter below!

Send newsletters with MailChimp like a PRO with my FREE checklist.

Download it and use when creating campaigns, so you don’t forget anything important. Wow your subscribers with awesome content and design of your newsletters.

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