How to prepare for a website re-design to really get what you need

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It happened – you have completely outgrown your website. It doesn’t work for you anymore and you need a totally new system, look or even a platform. You start looking for a designer that will revamp the entire look, but are worried if the investment is really worth it. Does the design really make a difference?

Your worries are totally justified!

So many times do I hear from people who have only re-designed their websites a couple of months ago that they already outgrew it again. How could that happen, if you invested in custom design that should be aligned with your needs?


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How to prepare to your website redesign

Before you book a designer, do some homework to make sure you get what you need. Almost anything is possible (unfortunately, there’s still no way to have our website actually write blog posts for us! #bummer)! You need to clearly define your needs though. Otherwise, you’ll only upgrade the look, but remain frustrated with functionalities.

First of all, get clear on the things that are not working on your current website. For example:

  • Do you have all the functionalities you need?
  • Do you have control over your theme style and layout?
  • Are you close to pulling your hair out every time you update the website, create new pages, add a banner or email opt-in page so you stall with launching new programs or products?
  • Is your offer clearly presented on your website? Or are you losing out on potential clients who are confused and leave?
  • Do people actually know what it is that you do within a few second of entering your website? Or do they leave frustrated not able to find the info they are looking for?

And so on.


After you’re done with this, write down what is it that you’d like to be able to do on your new website. For example:

  • Launch a membership site,
  • Present your offer clearly and allow easy services booking and enrolling in programs and courses,
  • Easily create a Trip Wire + Thank You pages for your sales funnel,
  • Publish new email opt-ins pages in a few clicks,
  • Be able to easily edit your theme, add and remove sections,
  • Have workflows that save you time and make your clients happy (like a proper FAQ system),


Rewrite your content

Write down all your services and products, get clear on what’s important to your ideal client. There are some pages all businesses should have (like About, or Contact, Terms & Conditions), but if you sell specific services or products, it might be a good idea to present them on their own, allocated pages. You can also design a product page that works like a sale landing page (check here or here).

It’s helpful to write down the journey people need to take on your website to get where they want to be. If it’s too complicated – simplify! If there are information missing and you keep getting the same questions, add content to explain it or insert an FAQ section.


Create a site map

It can get really confusing when you’re planning out a website, especially with shop, membership or courses. Use a tool like Mind Meister to create a mind/site map and visually see the content of your website. It helps a lot when you want to redesign your website or even simplify the experience for your clients and customers.


Present your offer in a clear way

Presenting services in a different way helped my recent client, Maria, who has added a separate page for one of her courses. People didn’t really realise she offered this kind of service before (it wasn’t clearly shown on the website), but once we launched her website, she received enquiries from prospective clients worth over a few $k within just a couple of hours!


Functionalities to make your life easier

WordPress allows you to add new functionalities, connect them with your favorite tools like: Acuity Scheduling, ConvertKit or Mailchimp, Lead Pages and more. Think about what you’d like to have on your website. For example, you may want to:

  • Add shop functionality,
  • Have custom contact forms with paying options (perfect for coaches who sell programmes),
  • Booking service (perfect for when you sell calls or book Discovery Calls),
  • Embed questionnaires and forms on your website,
  • Host online courses.

+ Many more!


Custom website design SHOULD last.


My mission is to empower my clients by giving them tools to grow their businesses. It’s absolutely crucial to me that your new website is tailored to your business and is flexible enough to grow with it.

That’s why creating websites with drag & drop editors is so important to me. I want you to be able to easily edit, update, re-use and duplicate any post, page or sales landing page whenever you need it, without buying additional items or asking designers for help each time you want to launch a new program, email opt-in or offer.

Instead of being dependant on pre-made themes and designers, you’re in control.


Redesigning a website is a big step and large investment, so make sure you’re prepared, know what you need and get the most out of the experience.

Your custom website should last and grow with your business. Your brand deserves a stylish HQ that WOWs, attracts ideal clients and converts, 24/7!


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This blog post contains affiliate links of the products I honestly would recommend and am using myself.



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