Create a strong brand, with personalityfocus and intention.

Get clear on your brand strategy, style and personality. Understand your ideal clients and start attracting them like a magnet.

Investment: $97

Are you:

•  really fed up with tweaking your logo, colors and fonts without ever feeling like you've hit the sweet spot?

• ready to create a brand that reflects your true awesomness, is memorable and irresistible?

• commited to finally get clarity on who your ideal customer is and how to attract them?

Stop wasting your time going around in circles. Learn how to create a brand your business deserves.

Investment: $97

I really couldn't resist the urge to honour your work and leave a big THANK YOU note for your Brand Clarity Workbook...

It's honestly the holy grail of branding, and although I am very familiar with the domain, I never found anything like that... It helped me so much to structure my thoughts, my business, my brand, my money.

Can't wait to "adjust" my brand ( in my head ) accordingly and I will definitely return for your services when I know exactly where I'm headed.

Thank you again, I really get it why it's called ADORED Designs. Have a wonderful week and know you are influencing more people than you think!

MONICA BAHNA | sassy leaders movement creator |

If you're at a stage where you want to grow your blog or business, yet the purse sight of your website makes you cringe, you have to read this!

It's going to help you choose the direction and make your future work with a designer super easy. It's engaging, value packed and visually gorgeous. Reading it was a pure pleasure!

AXELA RINOA | brand and business growth strategist and certified coach | AXELARINOA.COM

60+ pages full of articles,  imagery and an interactive workbook you can fill out and re-use.

• get clear on your business what, why and how

• learn who's your ideal client and what speaks to them, 

• get inside of your ideal customer's head

•  determine how they feel about your brand now

•  learn how they need to feel about your brand to buy and how to achieve that

• learn how to build like-trust factor + authority

• choose your brand season personality, colors, fonts, shapes and styles + create your moodboard

• learn how to view your brand as if it were a person and how to present it in a way that's irresistible for your customers

+ much more!

Investment: $97

Learn how to build an awesome brand.

Investment: $97

Brand Clarity Ebook


Over 60+ pages of articles, imagery and an interactive workbook sections you can fill out and re-use.

This is an instant download product. As soon as you purchase, you’ll get unique download link to your product.




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