Instagram Hub Page Layout better than Linktree


  • adjusts to the style of your website
  • allows unlimited number of buttons
  • created cohesive experience
  • embedded e-mail opt-in form
  • automatically displays your latest posts
  • displays your products from Reward Style or Woocommerce
  • contains short bio space

Requires DIVI theme. Learn more here.



exclusive for DIVI theme

Create your own, branded, Instagram hub

Tired of relying on platforms like LinkTree to create a place you can send your Instagram followers to? This template will let you create a branded Instagram hub within minutes!

awesome features

your unique styling
This layout is built to inherit your unique website styling. Typography and buttons will look exactly as in your theme, so you can look professional and make sure your branding is cohesive.
unlimited buttons
You can insert as many buttons as you like and need. You’re not limited by the platform you’re using – it’s all on your website! you can also track analytics and see which buttons are clicked the most.
embedded e-mail opt-in
Building your list from Instagram will never get easier than this! You don’t have to send your followers over to a different page and risk they will loose their interest. Your e-mail opt-in form is just a click away.
Your latest posts
Forget about adding links to your new blog posts manually. This layout enables you to display your latest post automatically, without you having to do anything about it.
You can display either your Reward Style boutique or latest products from WooCommerce. This section is diverse and lets you make it easier for people to purchase.
When someone finds you on Instagram, they may want to learn more about you. Bio feature is ideal for you to tell a bit more about yourself and link to your about page.
only with DIVI theme

easy to use drag & drop editor

DIVI framework enables you to edit your website with live view, without any coding skills.  Learn more about DIVI here.
exclusive for DIVI theme

Get your own, stylish Instagram hub


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