Rebranding: How it transformed my business (and can do it to yours too!)

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We start our businesses with the best intentions, but often without understanding where’s the sweet spot of our clients needs and our passions and talents.

That’s why we often feel like we need to change a few months or years in. That’s okay!

Rebranding is actually a great idea that can transform your business, blog and brand. Now that you know exactly what lights you up and what your clients are asking for you can create a killer brand and offer that gives you a steady stream of ideal opportunities, collaborations, clients and customers.

Today, I want to share how my business transformed after rebranding and website redesign with you. It’s so exciting!

How rebranding transformed my business (and can do it to yours too!)


Before I redesigned my branding and website I had a few problems that I couldn’t fix even though I tried. You know how it is with the first impression? If you make a bad one, it will be veeeeery difficult for you to fix it and appear in someone’s eyes as a different person. Sometimes it’s even impossible. This is how our brains work – we make judgements in only a few seconds, based on someone’s appearance, behaviour and face expression.

How about the online world?

Usually you don’t get to show your face, speak to someone and create a real connection. In the online world people go onto your website or follow you on social media and their judgement of you is based on that. That’s why it’s so improtant that your online presence is exactly the way you want it to be: showing of your personality, sending the right message, setting the right expectations and building trust.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a shop owner, a blogger or entrepreneur. For you to get awesome collaborations, opportunities, clients and customers you need to build their trust in your ability to deliver.

For bloggers it’s the ability to deliver a professional campaign or sponsored post and reach the right amount of people in the way that a particular brand wants it to be delivered – your style needs to be shown on your website and social media so there’s no missunderstandings.

For shop owners and entrepreneurs it’s the ability to deliver the finest product or service people are looking for. They need to know you won’t dissapoint them!


The problems I’ve had with my brand

I often felt stuck for inspiration and like I couldn’t reach the right people with my offering. I knew there were people who needed what I did, but I wasn’t attracting them. This was very frustrating! If you’re in a situation like that now, read on! I have a solution for you that also helped me.

1. I attracted startups that couldn’t afford me.
This was dissapointing for both them and me, as you can imagine! I’ve had many messages from people who loved what I did, but as soon as I sent them my quote they said they just couldn’t afford it at this time of their business.

2. I wanted something else.
A few months into my business I realised who I really want to serve were professional bloggers, lifestyle/fashion/beauty brands and shop owners. I was attracting mainly entrepreneurs though, who I loved to work with, but weren’t my ideal, dream clients! I noticed that for the first time when I browsed Pinterest and found myself pinning blog designs mostly. Then I remembered my first ever client was a blogger (I was only 15!) and after I designed her blog I felt so accomplished, satisfied and inspired to do more, it only opened my mind for what I do now. I knew I needed to change, but it took a few journaling sessions and one transforming conversation with a business coach to help me realise that I need to act NOW (thanks Kim!).

3. My brand wasn’t showing my personality.
When I started out I felt a bit shy and distanced – after all I had only quit my well paid corporate job and started a business for the first time in my life. I was new in the entrepreneurial world and not sure of my skills as a Girlboss (totally unnecessary!).
When people contacted me, they were often pleasantly surprised about how open and talkative I am. My website presented me as a professional, premium boutique owner, but who I really am is so much more than that. I knew I needed to change and embrace my personality!

How I fixed it

Fixing those problems was my top priority this Spring. What you’re looking at now is a brand new website and brand new brand with a lot more personality and voice. Wondering how I did that?


1. The groundwork.
The main reason why I attracted the wrong type of people was because I wasn’t clear on who my ideal client is, at what stage of their business are they and what their most burning problems are that I WANT to solve. It’s like when you have a blog without a niche: surely you will get some traction, but if you specified who your readers are and what type of content do they expect from you (that lights you up as well) you’ll find a sweet spot and you will skyrocket your following. I’m sure you know it by now!

I spent over a week diving into the mind of my ideal client: imagining what is she doing right now, what are her goals and what is she struggling with and can’t get past herself. If she needed me, what would she search for? Would she realise she needed a designer? Or would I have to tell her this is what she really needs?

Is she actively looking for a designer, or just trying to solve a small problem like changing her logo, without realising what she really needs is a proper brand redesign?

Where does she live, how big is her blog or business? How long has she been in business or blogging? What are her plans for the next year or two?

What is her biggest obstacle for reaching her goalsand if she doesn’t get rid of it, how much would it cost her business? Will she lose opportunities, revenue, collaborations?

If I helped her get past what she’s stuck on, how would it change her business or blog? What doors would open for her?

Those questions are very powerful and help you get in the head of your people. Only then are you able to attract them by creating the right content, speaking directly to them and making them feel really understood.

Interesting that happened to me: I landed my NEW ideal client (the one I wanted to attract after I rebranded) after I did my groundwork – before I changed my visuals and told anyone about my rebranding plans. This is how powerful getting clear on your intentions is and sending it out to the universe!

Brand Clarity Workbook

2.  My personality is there!
Using photography, copywriting and social media I completely transformed my business personality to be more like me. Now, when people contact me they know what to expect from me and are not surprised at all (which is awesome).

I’ve had a few brand photoshoots done, that were planned to be aligned with my new colour palette, website and fonts. I thought about this for quite some time now and created a few moodboards until I got it right. But now I am really happy with the result and finally feel like home!

The way I communicate changed as well. I’m not trying to force anything by using professional and difficult words. It’s not the way to go! I know my clients realise I have skills (they can see it on my portfolio and after they speak to me), so I don’t need to try to appear as a pro. Instead, I do my best to simply be me and appear as someone who is approachable, open, direct and inspiring. This is who I am and this is who my clients need me to be.

I also learned to make the most of my personal story, experiences and previous career path. I was born to work with fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands and bloggers and now I’m embracing it fully!


3. My packages are gone.
Actually, I removed them. Now I follow a totally different approach – everything you buy from me is tailored to YOU.

I don’t’ believe in one package serves all and I always create unique set of products for my clients. After taking my time to speak to them and really understand what they need they get a PDF proposal with all the things I think they need listed. Usually it’s approved without any changes – this is how important it is to understand your clients and their unique struggles, goals and needs.

Rebranding allowed me to double my prices! It’s actually easier for me to sell my offer than it was before. I set the right price expectations, attract the right client and make sure the whole process and experience is high end.

4. Website totally redesigned.

Along with rebranding, I changed my colour palette, copywriting (to be more like me!), imagery and first of all: the way I show my offer.

I made it more interesting and flow better. It’s easier to instantly understand what I do now than it was before. The whole website is a lot more inspiring now as well. I get those awesome comments all the time!

My bounce rate decreased, people spend more time on my page and I have custom contact forms that let them message me easier (and ask the right questions).

The new design increased my poduct sales as well, even though I don’t advertise my shop at all!

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The result

The fact that it all looks better now is just a tip of the iceberg. What’s really important is this:

  • I doubled my prices ( and nobody’s questioning them),
  • I’m attracting mostly bloggers and fashion/beauty/lifestyle brands (those very well established),
  • My email opt-ins trippled,
  • My Instagram is growing and I mostly get follows from my ideal clients,
  • My product sold 5 times during the last 2 weeks (it’s like 500% rise!),
  • I set the right expectations so people come to me for what I do (they used to ask if I did X or Z).

Feel stuck in your own brand and website?

I know how you feel. But you can fix it too, by getting clear on your goals and who you want to attract to your blog or business and executing it consistently.

Get my Brand Clarity Workbook for free and start the groundwork – it all starts from here! You’ll know if rebranding is for you as well.

What do you struggle the most with your brand, blog or website? Have any questions about branding? Write a comment below!



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