Do you sometimes feel like running your business should be easier?

We feel you! That’s why we prepared this list of our favorite tools, to help you run your business on autopilot (well, not entirely, but largely!) and still make your clients happy. Choose from our favorite marketing tools, to the best WordPress plugins we used and tested.
Marketing tools we love


We certified Mailchimp Partner, because we absolutely LOVE IT! It’s a great tool for building your list, communicating with your customers and promoting your latest products and blog posts.

It’s free up to 1000 subscribers. Sign up here.


This is just an amazing marketing tool for all entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s super easy to send out newsletters, build workflows and sequences and more. We’ve been using it for over 6 months now and love it.

Starts at $29/mo. Try it out for FREE for 14 days.


Building your Instagram can be hard work. Not with Planoly, though! It lets you design, plan and schedule your posts and stories ahead of time on your computer and mobile app. You can also see analytics, reply to comments and invite your team over. We absolutely LOVE it.

You can start with a FREE account here.

Website tools we love


A WordPress website builder that allows you to create websites with ease and live view. We absolutely LOVE it.

$89/yr or $249 lifetime access to the theme, updates and free layouts. Learn more here.


We think it’s the best hosting provider for those, who build their websites on WordPress. Reliable, fast and at a great price.

Starts at $2.95/mo. Sign up here.

Yoast SEO

The best and easiest to use for a top quality SEO of your website. Show you exactly what you can improve in each post and page so you’re always liked by Google.

It’s free, but you can use Premium version for more keywords, like we do – here.


Selling courses? You can have them hosted on your website and sell them with ease and professional look. This plugin is the best plugin for courses we’ve seen so far.

Prices start at $159 for the basic version. Learn more here.


If you want a membersip site, this plugin is one of the best. We’ve created robuts, professional membership websites with it and it works like a charm.

Starts at $129/yr. Sign up here.

Get organised and save time


We organise our whole business with Asana. It integrates with tools that create automations and allows easy collaborations between team members. Plus the unicorns show each time you mark task as done – can’t beat that!

We’re using the FREE plan, join here.


We just couldn’t live without it now that we tried it. It has everything you need to organise your client base, send professional proposals, contracts, emails and set up entire workflows to automate your business like a PRO.

$30/mo, sign up here.


Awesome project management tool that’s perfect for a bit more complex projects. We use it for our clients projects and they love how easy it is to use and that it makes everything organised and keeps them out of their inbox.

$20/mo for up to 10 projects. Start your free 60 days trial here.


This is pure magic. Connect 2 apps to work together using Zapier and watch how your business gets automated. Think sharing new blog posts on Facebook and LinkedIn on autopilot, adding stuff to your calendar for you and connect Asana or Basecamp with your inbox. That’s just the beginning! We absolutely love this tool.

We’re using FREE plan, sign up here.


Similar to Zapier, but a bit less complex. Still makes magic happen and saves you tons of time. you can choose from automations like turning the WIFI in oyur phone on when you walk into your home, to sharing all your Insta photos to your favorite Pinterest board on autopilot.  Don’t ask us how it works, just try it!


Free! Sign up here.


Similarly to Asana, Trello lets you organise your business (and life for that matter) using cool cards and boards. It’s very visual and easy to use, plus – you can use Zapier to connect it with other apps and automate your workflows. Learn how to automate your social post with Trello and Zapier here.

We’re using Gold $5/mo, but you can start with a FREE plan here.

Design tools we use and love

Adobe Creative Cloud

Choose from Photoshop, Photoshop + Lightroom, or the whole Suite with more than 10 apps (the one we use).

Starts $9/mo, sign up here.


It’s an awesome tool for those who find Photoshop intimidating. It lets you create graphics in your browser, without installing any apps.

It’s free to use, you might pay to download your graphics though. Learn more here.

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