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Wouldn’t you like to be able to raise your prices by 100% ? Or a 300%? How amazing would be to charge premium? What would you be able to do with that money?

How much less time would you need to spend hustling for new clients, because don’t need that many of them to hit your income goal for the month?


Does this kind of thing seem out of your reach? Then this post is for you.

Learn how to level up your brand, so you can increase your prices and still have a queue of clients exited to work with you (and NOT asking you to lower their prices because they’re on a budget!).

It’s possible for you too, love. Read on.

If you want to grow your business and earn more money while working less (don’t we all?), how are you going to do that if you keep charging less than you would like to?
How will you be able to hire someone to help, if you can’t afford it?
If you want to invest in yourself (courses, mastermind groups, coaching), how are you going to do that?
When is the time for you to rest, recover and spend time with your family so you can get back to your business pumped up and full of ideas?
How are you going to end this cycle of never ending small, cheap packages that are paid little?
How are you going to make your clients start treating you seriously and want to pay you what you want?

And the most important question: how will you be able to work on creating better work, better courses, better services, if you can’t spend enough time on your client work, because they pay so little you need to book more and more?

Is this kind of business even worth pursuing?

You need to be the first person to invest in your biz and yourself, so others can follow.

How to make your brand premium (so you can charge premium)?


You need to level up your whole brand, which means: give more value and improve your client’s experience. You can do that in a few ways:

• change your messaging,
• add exclusive items to your packages,
• offer 1-on-1 coaching, instead of group coaching,
• give your clients bonuses they’ve been dreaming of,
• spend more time with your clients so they feel like royalty,
• improve your clients’ experience with your brand by levelling up your website experience, setting up better systems,
• improve your brand identity so it reflects the quality of your offering.

Know why I’ve put brand identity at the very end?  Because it’s only the outer shell of your whole brand, which is made of: your values, your mission, your personality, your unique way of helping your clients, the way you make your clients feel (soon important!), your voice, your energy, the experience your clients have with you.

Brand identity is only a visual part of all this, that communicates all of the above to your client in those very first seconds when they get in touch with your brand, so you don’t loose them. It sends a subconscious message to them, which they can receive instantly, without realising it.

That’s why it is so important for your branding not to be accidental, but purposeful and aligned with your BRAND.

Why can others (doing the same thing as you do) charge more than you, and get away with it?

I’m sure you know people who do the same thing as you do, yet they charge much more than you do and they seem to have a queue of clients each month without a hustle, yet you have to hustle hard and you’re always asked to lower your prices or you attract people who are always on the budget. This is soooo annoying. And unfair!
What the heck is going on?!

I’m sure you’re a nice person and you’d love to help those people on a budget (and probably did it man times already, sacrificing your own salary), but let’s be honest: it would’ve been nice to actually earn what you’re worth. At the end of the day, if you help people and give them value – it’s worth money and you deserve to be paid well.

If you’re great at something somebody else is struggling with, even if that comes naturally to you, it doesn’t to them. There are people wanting to pay their hard earned money to hire you to do what you do best (and they can’t). Give people value and they will always want to give it back.

So if you already give people value, but still they don’t seem to see it and keep asking for lower prices – it means you should work on your branding.

Should you change your messaging? Should you think about who is your ideal client and where exactly are they at (not where you’d like them to be)? Should you work on your appearance so that people can see straight away “wow, that girl is a PRO and surely doesn’t come cheap!”.

I’ve worked as a designer for luxury fashion brands before and I know how much money and effort they put into their branding. Before they send a newsletter out, post on social media or create a campaign, they spend days or weeks planning, taking photos, thinking about messaging comparing everything against their brand values.
It’s a hustle, but it’s worth it.

Quality and value doesn’t come cheap

And even though the above is so true, still one of the most common sentence I see on Facebook groups I am a part of, is:
I am looking for affordable graphic designer.

What does affordable actually mean?

Or if you choose a cheap designer and pay $500-800 for branding and website that’s going to keep attracting the same people it’s attracting now, will that be a return of your investment? Or will it only be an unnecessary expense?

Can you afford spending this kind of money and still not being able to raise your prices?

Do you think a pre-made logo from Etsy (who can be bought by many people so it’s not unique at all) has the power to communicate all the depths of your brand values, your mission, your personality?

Do you think a cheap designer has the experience and knowledge to withdraw your uniqueness out to the world and show it visually for everyone to see?

Do you think a designer who charges $800 for branding + website, is able to spend enough time with you, to really get to know you, your brand, your perfect clients and your needs? And really get into your clients heads to understand what would appeal to them and be true to you at the same time?

There’s a reasoning behind my prices: I spend up to 8 weeks with my clients, I get to really know them, offer my full potential and creativity to them, to really create something amazing, that’s going to last and help them grow their businesses. So they can unleash their true potential. Then I build them amazing brand identity that’s going to last for years and help them attract the RIGHT people and bro their businesses. I create a responsive website for them, that works great on every device and it’s easy for them to edit in the future. I help them with art direction and strategy on social media. I give them custom social templates they can use to beautifully send their message to their clients on social media and present themselves well. I get them business cards, invoices, e-book and whatever they need.

I give them all my talent, experience and time. I give them absolute priority above all else. They feel taken care of and nurtured.

But I can only do that because I don’t need to book 6 clients a month to hit my income goal.

Can your cheap designer afford to give you the best you deserve? And can you afford to spend money and not get a return of your investment?

Cheap brand is going to only appeal to value shoppers – but you don’t want that anymore, do you?

That sounds great Alex, but how do I find the budget?

I’m sure as a savvy business woman that you are, you understand that in order to earn money from your business, you need to grow it, take care of it and nurture it. It’s your baby, right? Surely you also realise, the only way your biz can grow, is if you invest in it: your time, money, effort and energy.

It’s a mistake of many entrepreneurs, to treat their income as THEIRS, when in fact it’s their businesses, and they should only pay themselves a salary (when there’s a budget!).

If you want to increase your salary 2x next year, you need to take certain steps, to get there. If you’re a coach, you understand those coaching packages don’t come cheap, but the value you get out of them the way they open your mind and change your mindset so you can achieve more.

Similarly, a proper branding that’s going to attract those clients with serious $$$ and serious attitude is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

There’s many ways of funding investments.

You can choose payment plan (I accept it too, I know how difficult can it be with the cashflow!), you can take on more clients for a month or two, you can take a loan.

As with every smart investment – there will be a return.

I don’t take on a client that I can’t help and I don’t take on a client, that I think won’t benefit from my services.

Unlike cheap designers who will only design a pretty brand identity for you (only visuals, without any strategy behind them), I take my time to think about your brand as a WHOLE, so you can level up and really get your invested money back.

So if you invest $3k and then be able to increase your prices by 200% or 300% – will that be a return of investment you’re looking for? Will that improve your business and your life?

Will your business support you?

You’ve put all your talents,, time and energy into your business. It’s your getaway from your most hated 9-5 and a way for you to lead a freedom lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. It will surely support you for years to come, if you only treat it seriously and fulfill its needs.

And it needs to grow with you and level up along with you.

Purposeful branding + strategy aligned with your goals and personality can take you a long way. Choose wisely and don’t spend your money on things that won’t help you anyhow.

Sometimes its best to wait a bit longer and invest in something worthwhile your money, than go for something cheap and regret it.



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