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Work smarter: boost your productivity with less effort

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“If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first four sharpening my saw” – Abraham Lincoln


Let’t talk productivity, shall we?

“I can’t, I’m busy!” – how often do others hear that phrase from you? Being busy is so common these days, that we all got used it and started treating it like something absolutely normal. In fact, many of us treat it as an indicator of success – the busier you are, the better!

But does being busy mean being successful? We say NO! We say we should all work smarter, not harder. We already wrote about how to streamline your business, now let’s talk about how to be more productive.

 Work smarter: boost your productivity with less effort

Having to turn down opportunities because you’ve got a massive to-do list for yesterday? If this is your life, don’t fret! Today, we’re going to share a few tips on how to be less busy, make more impact and have more success.


Work smarter: boost your productivity with less effort

Boosting your productivity should be your #1 priority. This will allow you to make more impact, quicker. To do that, let’s start with those few steps:


1. Prioritise

Not all our tasks have the same importance or make the same impact on your business. Our trick is to set goals for the entire week and then asses our tasks priorities. Choose no more than 3 goals a week and be ruthless with your tasks: if it doesn’t get you closer to your goal, it’s not a priority.


2. Streamline & simplify

We talked about ways of streamlining your business here. In this post, we want to focus on the process of completing tasks, rather than the whole business, though.

Need to do repetitive tasks like writing blog posts, posting on social media, setting up new products or build courses? The best way to do it is to write down all the steps you need to complete to finish the task, then see where you can simplify, automate or delegate.

Remember: if something doesn’t need to be done by YOU and your unique skills, you’re bad at it and take a lot more time to do it than someone else, it can either be automated or delegated.

Don’t waste your time on it. When you’re tied up doing the mundane tasks, your business doesn’t move forward.

For example, we keep improving our editorial calendar so the process takes less time and it’s easier for everyone to follow.


3. Automate

There are so many ways of streamlining your work and making technology work for you. Think automating your social media posts, using CRM system like Dubsado to automate your client signing process or utilise your marketing software to deliver value to your clients by creating smart funnels.

You can save a ton of time by having custom contact forms connected with your FAQ system and autoresponders to make sure your clients are always taken care of even if you’re not there.

Setting up systems saves our clients HOURS DAILY and makes them able to grow their businesses instead of being tied up to their desks, answering emails.

How much time can you save if you cut down all those things?


4. Delegate

We can’t say that enough: when you’re stuck doing mundane tasks, you can’t grow your business. You can’t use your spark to attract more clients and customers, because you’re stuck answering emails, trying to figure out your website, posting on social media, preparing and sending contracts and invoice reminders…

Hiring help will allow you to do what YOU do best, so your business can flourish.


There you have it! Our 4 surefire ways of working smarter, boosting your productivity without extra effort. Ready to take more opportunities in 2019? To attract more success? To have a better quality of life?

Let us know what changes you’d like to make to your business after reading this article!

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