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This was absolutely one of the most accurate tests I have ever taken. Thank you for confirming what I already felt. The results completely resonated with me.
This is so spot on me that I am a little shocked it could be generated on a 12 question quiz. I can’t wait until I get the next email from you!
OMG – absolutely – made me shiver – this so me.
There was a lot about the Innocent that felt like you had read my mind.

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5 stages your customers go through before they are ready to buy

5 stages your customers go through before they are ready to buy

<p>Selling psychology is really important. There are 5 steps every customer need to go through to become ready to buy. We&#8217;ll talk all about awareness, interest, consideration, conversion and loyal customer. Build connection with your customer during sales process and make it feel natural and comfortable for them and you.</p>
4 common branding mistakes that repel clients

4 common branding mistakes that repel clients

<p>Ever wondered if your making mistakes that repel clients? Before we dive into the mistakes, there&#8217;s something I&#8217;d like to explain first, so it all makes sense:  What always repels clients is the opposite of the irresistible brand.</p>
Color psychology 101

Color psychology 101

<p>Color psychology is real: different colors make us feel a whole array of emotions. Im sure youve experienced this feeling when you paint a room and it totally changes its vibe and energy.</p>

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