Disconnection in your brand – how to fix it and attract your ideal audience

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Disconnection in your brand can be a big problem. Most of our clients come to us saying the same thing:

“I feel the disconnection in my brand”.

“My brand doesn’t represent me and my work”.

“I feel like I have no control over how my brand is perceived”.


Can you relate?

Disconnection in your brand can leave you stuck for months (or years).

Thankfully, you’re here and you’re going to learn how to fix it, stand out and attract your ideal audience.

But first, let’s talk about what the disconnect actually means, okay?

Disconnection is the feeling or fact of being separate from someone or something else, and not fitting well together or understanding each other .

Cambridge Dictionary


Disconnection in your brand: how to fix it

What our clients mean when they say they feel the “disconnection” in their brand is that:

  • their brand isn’t aligned with their values, mission or vision
  • their brand doesn’t position them correctly in the market
  • their brand doesn’t help them be seen in a way they want to be perceived
  • their brand doesn’t connect them with their ideal audience
  • their brand isn’t true to them or what they do
  • their brand keeps them stuck from stepping into their power


Their brand isn’t authentic to them and their business.

Feeling like it’s true to you too? Read on!


Get clear on your brand values, mission, and vision

So often our clients come to us with no real clarity on their mission, values, and vision. Often, they fall into a trap of selling services or products, without remembering the main motivation behind it all.

The main goal of your brand goes much deeper than to just fill the external need of your clients, like helping them do better makeup, have better hair, improve their diet or their career. Your brand’s main goal is more like filling the internal need: helping your clients and customers feel more confident, empowered and inspired. To help them belong, connect or transform their lives.

Your mission, whatever it is, is your big WHY – something you should always check all your actions and decisions against.

By getting clear on that you’ll be able to align your whole brand with it and make a much bigger impact, as well as attract your ideal audience so much easier (because hey, you know exactly what they need on a deeper level and help them get that).

Getting clear on your WHY also helps you stop selling products or services, which can always be sold cheaper, better or quicker, and start selling the experience.

Make people want to buy into your brand.

Create a movement.

Remember this one thing: people buying from you make a statement. It says more about who they are and what they believe in than about you.

Be clear on what you believe in and stand for and you’ll attract the right audience and will be able to build an authentic brand.

Inject authenticity into your brand

Creating authentic brand often makes people confused, especially because of all the advice around the internet saying you should “make your brand like you”. As much as it’s true for a personal brand, it’s not true for most of the brands.

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Making brand authentic is not about making it true to your personal beliefs. It’s all about the alignment of your actions and your mission and vision.

I wrote an entire article about how to make your brand authentic, but here I’m just going to mention the brilliant concept of Golden Circle by Simon Sinek. Always start with your WHY (your big mission), get clear on your HOW (your values, beliefs, and rules you play by) and only then align WHAT you sell with it.

That way, whatever you do feels authentic because your audience knows what you stand for and all your actions, services or products (the WHAT) are aligned with that.

You’re honest, truthful and…yes, authentic.

Position your brand correctly in the market

This is very much connected with making your brand authentic and aligning your actions with your brand’s beliefs and mission. But it goes deeper.

Positioning your brand correctly in the market is all about reflecting it’s true identity with your brand experience: your brand identity, messaging, services or products, website, email marketing, social media, and any other brand touchpoint.

Many brands build inconsistent brand experience and this affects how they are positioned in the market. For example, if your brand is to be approachable and help people belong and feel connected, your messaging, pricing strategy and products should support that.

Brand archetypes are a great tool to help you get clear on your unique brand theme and personality and show you how to follow it consistently to build a powerful brand experience.

Find the link between your brand and your ideal customers

Your brand exists to serve other people, right? So you need to understand who is your ideal audience by finding a link between what your brand’s goals, values, and mission are and your audience’s needs and desires.

When you see your customer as a hero of your brand story and your brand as a guide helping them get where they want to get or become who they want to become, you’ll easily find a link between your brand and your ideal people.

Dig deeper than simply how old your customers are, where they live and what magazines they read.

Think about what they believe, what are their deepest desires and what are their internal dialogues and conflicts in relation to your brand.

Which problems can your brand solve for them?
How can your brand make their life easier, or better?

This is the link between your brand and your customers.

Step into your brand’s power

Understand your brand’s personality and really EMBODY it. Step into its power.

Haven’t taken our Brand Archetypes Quiz yet? Do it now and discover your brand’s personality, theme and create your brand story so you can build a powerful, influential and irresistible brand.

Become a powerful Creative Director of your brand and understand how you need to grow it so it’s always authentic, aligned with your vision and attracts the right people.


Disconnection in your brand: how to fix it



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