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Joker Brand Archetype is all about fun.

“The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.”

Salvador Dali

Hedonist, careless, cheerful, unpredictable.

The Joker is all about playing around, disrupting the order, making fun and not taking things too seriously.

If your brand is the Joker, you are spontaneous and want to inject fun in everything you do.


The Joker loves disrupting order, making jokes and being unpredictable. It’s his way of making a change in the world and expressing themselves. You love helping people by treating even difficult subjects less seriously, therefore making the world easier to cope with.

The Summary

Motto: You only live once.

Basic desire: Enjoy the moment.

Goal & objective: To have a good time.

Fear: Boredom, seriousness.

Strategy: Being spontaneous, having fun doing things.

Weakness:  Waste of time, lack of action, self-indulgence.

Talent: Intelligence, joy.

The call: Feeling tired, overwhelmed with responsibilities, wanting to have fun and relax.

Your customers need: To have a good time and forget about their worries.


Your ideal customer

Your ideal audience are people who hate boring stuff and love having a good time. They want to have fun whatever they do and they don’t like to take life too seriously.


Connect with your audience

To appeal to the Joker consumer you need to get their attention by creating something fun, even silly and over-the-top. Using bright colors and high energy visuals you’ll evoke feelings of good times and spontaneity.


What your brand experience should be?

Your audience lives in the moment and enjoys life, so your brand experience needs to help them do that. Don’t be too serious or stuffy, use bright colors and whatever you do, do not be boring.


Brands and people within the Joker archetype


Skittles, Fanta, M&Ms, 7up, Pepsi


Jim Carrey, Robbie Williams, Nicky Minaj




Does this describe your brand?


  1. Randi Norton

    This is my second time taking the brand personality quiz for my jewelry business, and once again I got the joker!?

    • Alex

      Hey, Randi! Your brand must really be a Joker then! Do you not agree with your results? If not, try to answer questions as your brand, not YOU as a person – this sometimes is tricky! Let’s discuss it inside our Facebook Group, Brand To Adore Lounge.

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