Why you are NOT your brand + what to do about it

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Personality…the most important but often missing piece of a brand.

Ever heard advice like:

  • make your brand more YOU
  • people buy from people
  • be authentic and vulnerable to connect with others?

If so, you’ve probably been wondering if it means:

  • do you need to show up on your Instagram LIVE without makeup? (because “real” you?)
  • show off your dirty laundry?
  • share failures and bad clients stories? #realtalk
  • make your brand visual theme reflect your personal style?
  • do EVERYTHING yourself because people buy from YOU?

Jenna Kutcher doesn’t tell the whole story and neither should you

I wanted to talk to you about Jenna because she’s the perfect example of a personal brand done right.

Jenna is super authentic, personable and approachable. But we love her also for another reason…

On her Instagram, it seems she shares it all. The mom moments, the miscarriage story, the vulnerabilities and insecurities, the marriage life…

At the same time, she’s been growing this 7-figure business and built a team to help her grow their brand.

How does she do it? How do they know how to show up as HER when she’s out and about?

Well, Jenna understands one thing:

You are NOT your brand, but your brand needs personality

She has built her brand on her values (authenticity, being real, empathy) and personality traits (being approachable, helpful, open and friendly).

BUT, Jenna herself said she is very intentional about how she curates her content.

She does show you her mom life moments.
She does let you into her marriage a bit.
She does share her imperfections and struggles.

In the end, though, she only shares content that will emphasise her brand message: a message of belonging, community, designing your lifestyle, working smart and enjoying what you do.


Brand personality: why you're not your brand and what to do about it?

As a CEO you’re a visionary. You’ve built your business on your values

You have a vision for your business and you have a clear mission to make that vision a reality.

Your brand is a way for you to achieve and communicate all that. The sooner you separate it from yourself, the sooner you will:

  • grow and scale your business,
  • be confident in the way you show up for your audience,
  • create consistency in your presence,
  • communicate in a way that aligns with your brand personality and connect with your audience on a deeper level,
  • build momentum and have people remember your brand and what it stands for.

Those are the things that keep people stuck for years

There’s a lot of BAD advice out there.

Bad advice from *experts* who think branding is only your logo and website. Who says you should base your brand on your personality. They ask you to create a mood board of your brand so they can create *branding* based on it.

Yes, people DO buy from people. Yes, your brand needs to be more like YOU…

But not by merely mirroring your own personality and style.

It needs to:

  • reflect your values, mission and vision
  • be personable and have a character
  • create a connection with your audience
  • help you communicate your message
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Brand personality discovery

Here’s how to do this the right way:

1. Assess your brand personality

Understand what your brand will be known for, what role it plays in your customers’ lives and focus on it. Define your ideal client and what their deepest desires are as they relate to your brand. What are you helping them do?

2. Define your brand persona

Your brand needs to be personable: have its own opinions, tone of voice and appearance. It SHOULDN’T be all over the place and complicated. Focus on what you want your brand to be known for and go ALL IN. Don’t confuse people by bringing things that are not relevant to your brand into it.

3. Outline your brand experience

You don’t sell your products or services. You sell the feeling your customers get once they get the results they want, whatever it means for them. You sell the guidance for them to get there. Create a brand experience that reflects that and communicates your brand personality at each and every single step of the way.

4. (Re)design your brand experience

Once we help our clients go through steps 1-3, they usually realise there are many things out of place in their business. At every single step of your brand experience, your customers get in touch with your brand’s different elements (your brand touchpoint). Whether it’s your social media post, your messaging, your website design or your packaging, they all need to be consistent and evoke the same feelings, so you build trust and solidify your message.

5. Embody your brand

You need to have your Brand Filter Glasses to be able to become a powerful Creative Director. To know what decisions to make in your business in alignment with your unique brand. What type of people to hire and how to educate them on your brand personality. To build a strong, consistent brand, while growing and scaling your business.

This is our A.D.O.R.E. formula, developed specifically to help you elevate your brand and in a result, skyrocket your business.

Feel like you’re ready to gain perspective, get out of your head and get the help and support you need to elevate your brand? Apply for a FREE consultation call and let’s talk about your unique business and what you can do to finally scale, grow and reach your ambitious goals.




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