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María from Makeupzone is a professional makeup artist, that needed her website to reflect her skills, set the right expectations and make it easier to use her membership site.

Features on this website:

membership e-commerce bookings custom contact forms online courses blog newsletter-shop integration

motd designed by new website design

Confusing website that looks like just a blog, to professional hub for all the services, membership and online courses.

She’s been in business for over 10 years and because of the amazing content been putting out there regurarly, she’s built a very large following.

Her old website confused people about what she actually does though, making some of them think she’s mainly a blogger.

We created a website that’s easy to navigate, shows clearly all her services and makes it easy for people to book her 1-on-1 sessions, buy masterclasses and access her online course.

I was concerned about the investment and the bad experiences I had in the past, but at the same time I was sure I could trust you.

You knew exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations! You make the overwhelming task of rebuilding a whole website so easy. I feel that now my site do represents me and my work.


…and after

Mobile friendly

María’s website is fully responsive and works great on tablets and mobiles. She doesn’t have to worry about her customers not being able to read her blog posts, access her online courses or book her services. It all works great!

Beautiful pop-ups and opt-ins included.

I know how important it is to build your e-mail list from day one. That’s why I always set up beautiful pop-ups and email opt-ins for my clients, as well as design e-books, checklists and workbooks for them, so they have something to give to their clients.

Custom web forms

If, like María you find yourself drowning in emails, answering the same questions, having to think of a way to filter enquiries to the right addresses or services – you need a custom contact page with forms designed specifically for your business.

Not only can you have a series of smart auto-responders giving your customers information they need quickly (and saving your sanity), but you can also serve different journey depending on the reason they contact you.

Beautiful service page with in-depth questionnaire built in.

PDF freebie taken to the next level.

María can now promote her work and build her email list in style. Dreaming of a magazine like pdf your subscribers won’t be able to resist? Enquiry here.

A killer blog platform that attracts your people.

Professional newsletter templates you can re-use and edit.

I use MailChimp to create beautiful and professional email campaigns for you. Have them branded, set-up and prepared for you, so you can just jump right in and say hello to your subscribers, in style.

I set up pop-ups, email opt-ins and connect your WordPress page or store to MailChimp, so you can simply start sending beautiful campaigns.

Even if you’ve never used Mailchimp before, no need to worry. Once you become my client, you get access to my Client Portal with free tutorials, personalised videos and workshops.

I make sure they know how to send beautiful, and actionable campaigns each and every time, so they can grow their business and get new clients and customers.

You’ve got like 4 seconds to show people you’re a legit Girlboss. Don’t waste it showing a brand that’s not as awesome as you are.



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It’s not enough to pick the perfect colour palette and design a shiny website to create a strong brand. If you want a powerful, influential and desirable brand you need to touch people on a deeper level.

I’ve combined my 10+ years experience as a graphic designer for brands like Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfeld, River Island, and Childrensalon in my early career + many top influencers and brands during my work at Adored Designs with my passion for psychology and the way humans form relationships.

Let’s get you to claim your spot at the top of your industry.

Alex Rogala-Jacek

Brand Coach & Creative Director

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