Photo by María Catalá

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E-COMMERCE, services, online courses

María Catalá

Branding, Online courses platform & E-commerce website for vegan, a cruelty-free makeup artist based in Alicante, Spain.


brand strategy
brand coaching

brand identity development

website design + development
booking system set up
online courses platform
sales funnels strategy & setup


María’s #1 goal was to position herself as a top leader in her industry: from being seen as merely a beauty blogger to a professional makeup artist that she is.

We also wanted to create a platform for her to be able to sell her online courses and book her makeup clients. Apart from that, we needed to build systems to make her life easier and automate a lot of what she does manually.

A big thing for María was also building her email list, making her business Instagram-proof.


We created an elegant and consistent brand experience for María’s business and coached her on how to grow her brand and influence while keeping the branding consistent for maximum impact.

Her website hosts her online courses and uses smart automation and systems to make María’s life easier.

We optimized her site for maximum conversions, setting up smart evergreen funnels that help her build her email list and sell more on autopilot.


Our #1 goal was to make her website convert better and position her as a leader in her industry. We got rid of the “blog-like” layout and instead, created a layout that showcases her work, her services and her courses.


Perfect platform for online teaching

Online courses are a big part of Maria’s business, so we created a platform that hosts them and allows her to also make sales from affiliate products. 

From easy to use courses platform to evergreen sales funnels that help Maria earn money while she sleeps  – her website is made for online teaching.

Her students can easily access all the courses they are enrolled in from easy to use school hub.

After they’ve completed their course, they can automatically print out a completion certificate to show off to their clients.

Maria teaches her students professional makeup techniques and while doing that, also refers them to affiliate links of products she recommends.

The platform we created for her makes it easy: not only it’s engaging and converts well, but also beautiful and eye-catching.

Made for bookings

Apart from selling online courses, Maria is also very active as a makeup artist, serving brides and private clients all over her area. 

Screening and booking clients is made easy with custom questionnaires and smart automation behind the scenes.

“I wanted to be seen as a PRO MUA and not just a blogger and it really happened thanks to you! Now I’m ready for the next level.


The first hour after my new website launch I had 10 inquiries for my private courses, it was crazy!”
– María Catalá
Photo by María Catalá

As most of Maria’s audience is active on Instagram, it was crucial for her to build a consistent brand there. Showcasing her latest videos and inviting people to purchase her courses through Instagram Stories are easier than ever with plug-and-play, bespoke, animated templates we created for her.

Her ultra-popular freebie showcasing her favorite products has been downloaded already by thousands of people. 

It’s not only beautiful and editorial, but also filled with affiliate links, interactive and super engaging. 

Maria’s brand is consistent, powerful and ready for whatever she decides to launch in the future. 

The strategy behind it is so clear, it makes it easy to connect with her audience on a deeper level and become a go-to expert in her industry. 

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