Photo by Alexandra Nicole Villarreal
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MOTD Cosmetics

Branding & E-commerce website design for vegan, cruelty-free makeup brushes brand based in Las Vegas, NV.


brand strategy
brand identity development

e-commerce website design + development
user journey strategy
website design + development


The goal was to get this brand aligned with the direction the company was going in to help them launch a new line of products and attract the right audience.

MOTD represents the modern vegan girl. The brand wanted to be perceived as “hip, on-trend, fierce, yet playful.”

Company’s mission to be a go-to brand for vegan beauty lovers needed to be emphasized throughout the brand experience.


We created a strong strategy for the company to embody their brand’s personality. The set of visuals we created to communicate that appeal to their target market and represent the brand values and new direction.

The whole website was redesigned to allow modern online shopping with features like the wishlist, robust categories browsing, finding a retail store near you and more.


Our #1 goal was to make the website convert better and represent the brand’s full potential. Showing the products in context and helping customers imagine themselves using them by the use of purposeful visuals has made all the difference.


Since most customers of MOTD browse their website on their mobile device it was important we make sure the experience was great.

The website is fully responsive and allows easy browsing and shopping on all phones and tablets.

We designed a completely custom product page for MOTD that helps them show their products unique’s features, put the product in the context, show tutorials and help customers imagine themselves using it.

Watch the video below to see the whole page.

MOTD is a modern brand and wants to attract environmentally conscious individuals who want to not only care for their appearance but for the planet as well.

“You are by far the best designer I have ever worked with.

Thank you so much for your hard work and bringing my vision to life so effortlessly. Our minds were aligned with this and you executed it beautifully.

Photo by Alexandra Nicole Villarreal

Telling the brand story is extremely important for a deeper connection with your audience.

Chantal, MOTD’s CEO shares her story on their about page, talking about how she arrived to the idea for the company, what are her values, what her unique experience taught her and how she applies all this in everything she does with the company.

It’s crucial that your brand is consistent and creates a cohesive, unforgettable experience for your customers.

MOTD’s product packaging is made to help deliver on their promise as well as be a beautiful reminder of why you supported the company.

Trade shows are a big part of the company’s marketing, so creating a cohesive brand image is a must. 

With these banners, they are able to show the company’s mission of being environmentally conscious, product quality, as well as unique features like labels on each brush helping customers identify that they should be used for. 

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