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Skin Emporium

Website design for medical aesthetic clinic based in London, UK


user journey strategy
website design + development
booking system set up
sales funnels strategy & setup


Suzannah, Skin Emporium London‘s co-founder, came to us with the intention of creating a website for the medical aesthetic clinic she was launching.

It needed to position her brand as a luxury services provider and appeal to her ideal clients who were young, savvy and modern Londoners. 

As a local business, Skin Emporium London needed their website to help them attract clients for initial consultations, where they can then sell their services to them in person. 

It was important that the website creates a desire for the medical aesthetic treatments available and answers the most burning questions their clients may have.



We created an elegant and consistent website that not only positions the brand as the expert in their field but also clearly communicates it’s a premium service.

Using latest technology and smart solutions we designed a tool for this clinic to convert visitors into booked appointments and attract people to their physical location. 

Their website is mobile-friendly, as most of their clients browse on their mobile devices and allow not only booking consultations, but also sending directions to their phone and many more features. 



Made for bookings

The conversion Skin Emporium London wanted to make from their website is booking an initial consultation. The whole website is optimized for that specific action, making it easy for people to do that either from their computer or their phone.

Smart features like making the phone number clickable on mobile devices so it prompts calling features make it even easier for people to take action and increases website conversions.
Sending directions right to your phone makes it super easy to get customers through the door.

“We provide medical skin expertise in a luxury environment, by women for women.

Our mission is for clients to feel understood, cared for and treated impeccably as well as delighted by outstanding results. The journey is just as important as the outcome.”



Impeccable brand experience

Suzannah, the co-founder of Skin Emporium London said: “the journey is as important as the outcome”. That means impeccable brand experience on every single step.

Nurturing leads is important for every business, especially if they offer premium services. We created this stunning Mailchimp newsletter template for Skin Emporium London to deliver their unique offer code and communicate with their audience.

A cohesive and consistent experience is always our #1 goal, so we make as much effort into designing a newsletter as we do designing a website.

For your customer it all has to makes sense and emphasize your brand’s identity. 

Often, social media is where your customers hear about your brand for the first time, so it’s crucial that it’s consistent with what they’re going to experience down the line when they visit your website. 

“I have extremely high standards for my business and you met and surpassed them all.

The process was totally stress-free, the whole journey was clearly mapped out, I never felt confused or unsure about what was happening next. Communication was excellent, there was help available whenever I needed it and nothing was too much trouble!”

Photo by María Catalá

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