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Just launched – Emily Vartanian Blog

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Stiletto Beats, Emily Vartanian new logo Adored Designs
Rebranding and blog design for Emily Vartanian from Stiletto Beats: a lifestyle blogger based in California.

Features on this website:

motd designed by new website design
Stiletto Beats, Emily Vartanian new website by Adored Designs
Editorial, stylish and fashionable.

The owner, Emily Vartanian, built her blog on Blogger but she reached a point when this platform simply couldn’t keep up with her needs.

She also wanted a totally custom blog design that would allow her make the most of her content. She’s busy taking amazing photos for her blog and our #1 goal was to present them amazingly!

Redesigning brand and logo was also important to her, because she recently changed direction and wanted to change the name from Stiletto Beats to Emily Vartanian.

We redesigned her logo, website and created a cozy environment for her in WordPress.

Now her blog will last, and she won’t outgrow it for at least a couple of years.

We have connected her blog with Reward Style, so she not only has her own shop, but can show products featured in posts in just a few clicks.

“From our initial chat about what I needed in my blog to her attention to detail, I seriously am in love with every inch of this space and I can’t wait to share more posts here with all of you! (…). A HUGE thank you to Aleksandra, if you guys are looking for a web designer she is your girl!”
Editorial look, with photos on the first plan.

This brand falls under Summer Branding Personality. To capture the soul of Emily Vartanian, I used pastel colors, beige, muted hues and brown marble.

Mobile friendly

Emily’s website is fully responsive and works great on tablets and mobiles. She doesn’t have to worry about her readers not being able to read posts, shop or comment on their mobile devices.

Matching newsletter design

Emily can communicate with her audience in style! We created as Mailchimp template she can re-use, edit and tailor to her needs to send beautiful newsletter each time.

Beautiful pop-up to catch your attention

Building an email list can be daunting, but not with this beauty! It’s simple, beautiful and catches your attention right away.

Pinterest ready blog post collages to help Emily present her beautifil photography in a magazine-like way
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Just like Emily, you can absolutely transform your online presence.

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