Summer Season Personality
Now that you know basics of Color Psychology and learned about Spring, Summer and Autumn Season Personalities, let’s talk about Winter.


This glorious season is a season of extremes. Very confident, self-assured, can sometimes come across as arrogant. But that’s only because these people are so full of ideas and self-confidence, they want to share it freely with the world (that may not be ready for their bold appearance yet!).

This season is naturally perfect for businesses like: banking & finance, business coaching, high-end fashion, luxury travel. But it’s also simple and easygoing: think cheap airlines, like Ryanair.

One could think Winter color palette would be all about delicate whites and frosty, sunny landscapes.
But it actually is very bold, with bright colors and the only color season that contains pure white, and black.


Winter personalities are decisive, driven, perfectionists, leaders and experts in their field. They are strong and bold, communicate directly and conquer the world with ease. They can plan and see the big picture as well as jump straight to detail, with focus and objectivity. They simply get things done.
If you are this type of person, Winter Color Personality will be perfect for you.

Winter Color Palette

Colors are bright, strong, intense, clear and often extreme. Choose from ice blue, neon tones of red, lime green, turquoise, black&white, bright and clear yellow and magenta. Those colors can’t be found in such extreme tints in any other color season palette.

Textures and patterns

Patterns and textures for Winter can be: black&white, bold, highly contrasted, colorful and bold, in extreme, neon colors.. They can use geometry, round and rectangular shapes mixed together.

Photos are highly contrasted and hues are strong – think bright colors and bold poses.


Choose clean, minimal fonts. The only condition is: they need to be bold.

Perfect fonts for summer are:

If you’d like to choose beautiful script fonts that accompany this season, choose from ones with fine lines and consistent width, like:

Lines and shapes

Shapes for Winter are bold, geometrical and simple. You can freely use round and hard edged shapes and mix them together.

Are you a Winter?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this season. Does it resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.
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