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Brand photoshoot with Charuk Studios : behind the scenes

Psst! Ready to uncover your brand personality?

This was my first ever, professional photoshoot.

I was so stressed, but I have to say, Jessica from Charuk Studios put me on ease quite quickly.

When you record a video for your brand and have a proper photoshoot, you’re kind of stressed out. After all, it’s not like you can Photoshop things out or do it again. It all has to be as perfect, as possible, so the final result is stunning.

I was stressed out about a lot of things, like the weather (if it rains, my hair gets fizzy in an instant!), my outfit, the way I’ll look on the video…

I’m super excited to share a few of the sneak peaks with you below, so you can tell me how you think it went.

First, we took shots in the studio

Our first stop was the studio we hired. It had to be stylish, bright and had to have some sort of pink element in it (of course!).

We’ve done a few really cool shots. Jessica was making sure that I look good and there’s plenty of shots to choose from for the video.

It was quite hard for me to try not to pose and look natural. After all, it was my first ever photoshoot done by a professional and it’s a lot different than when I take pictures of myself or my hubby takes them for me.

When you’ve got a few people in the studio and they’re all looking at you, taking pictures and telling you how to pose, it can be quite intimidating.

Fortunately, Jessica has done her best to make me feel really comfy and relaxed, so after a few minutes I was laughing and having fun.

Then we went to Peggy Porschen, in London

Peggy Porschen is this super famous cake shop in London, that’s all pink, with a lot of flowers around the entrance. If you’ve never heard of it, just check your Pinterest and I’m sure you’ll see a picture of it pinned there somewhere!

They serve this awesome coffee with cocoa art at the top. You surely seen it on my Instagram already.

I was absolutely mezmerized with all the colors, flowers and the whole feel of the cafe. You know I love coffee shops and this one’s the ultimate one. It’s so feminine, so beautiful, with such an amazing and friendly staff you kind of don’t mind you need to wait for a table around half an hour.

We were very lucky, because the best table possible (the one closest to the entrance) was the one we got. We took some shots there which was really a challenge because of the number of people going in and out, not to mention the ones want to pose there like me.

If you were there, you wouldn’t be surprised. So many people wants to go there, take a picture of themselves or simply have a cup of coffe in these beautiful surroundings. It’s one of the top London spots.


I’m half waiter, half photographer.

– said one of the waiters. Apparentely, they’re being asked to take pictures of people all the time.

This could definitely be my favourite coffee spot, even though it’s that busy. You can sit outside and talk freely, because the neighbourhood isn’t noisy at all.

Peggy Porschen is a place to go, if you like pink. It’s everywhere!

It ended at Notting Hill

Surely I don’t have to introduce that neihgbourhood to you. Everybody knows it. It’s super stylish and we’ve found a few buildings that were perfect for my branding. 

We took a few cool shots of me walking around the neighbourhood. I could actually live there, if I didn’t love my house by the sea so much, of course:).

Charuk Studios is a brand photography and video studio based in Canada. 

During her summer travels, Jessica (the owner) visited London. We’ve known each other for a while and thought this would be a perfect time to collaborate on this project. If you’d like to know more about Jessica and her services, check her website here.

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