Now that you’re clear on your WHY, you can think about HOW. How are you going to make your goals a reality?

How are you going to make a difference? How are you going to bring your mission and your why forth?


Let’s not mix it with the WHAT, which is the next step and is coming next week – stay tuned, or sign up for my newsletter below, so you don’t miss it.

What’s your brand experience?

Your HOW is the way you will help your clients, the way you will change their lives and the way you will change your life in the process.


How will your clients feel when working with you? What experience are you committed to delivering to them? How can you use your unique personality, experience and skills to do that?

If your motivation is empowering women to pursue their dream businesses, your HOW could be: by helping them get rid of their mindset blocks and limited beliefs.

You may want to help them by purposeful and thoughtful design, so they can grow their businesses like crazy (my how, everyone!).

Think about your talents and smarts – when are you in the flow? When do you feel, you bring the most value? Is it when you speak to others and support them? Is it when you use your tech savviness and make things happen for your clients? Journal those questions now.

•    When am I the most helpful?

•    How can I, using my unique talents, get my clients awesome results?

•    How do I want them to feel when they work with me?

•    How do I want them to feel after I’ve helped them?

Your brand statement – how can you make it a reality?


There are plenty of people out there who need all kinds of professionals. Are you a tech savvy VA? That’s great, there will be many people who have no idea how to set up their sales funnels or make changes on their websites.

Are you a life coach? People need results and you can help to get them, by empowering and supporting them to really spread their wings and go for it.

Are you a web developer? Almost everyone I know has or have had a website at one point in their life. Some people have multiple websites at once (especially entrepreneurs and bloggers). That means there are millions of people who might need your services.

If your brand mission is to empower women to pursue their dream businesses, you can help them doing all kinds of stuff you’re good at. No need to reinvent the wheel, girl!

Sit down and write: what are you good at? What do people ask you for help constantly? When do you bring awesome results to others? That will be your jam!

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I strive to empower women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

To make it a reality, I use my design, art direction and brand strategy skills. I love doing that, I bring my clients awesome results and I get to change their businesses and help them spread their wings.

What did you come up with up to this point and if things got clearer for you? Share it in the comments below!

I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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