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After realising your WHY in this post, it’s time you think about WHAT is it actually you do, to bring your vision and mission into the world.

How is it unique to you and your brand? What value does it bring to your people? Let’s dive right in, shall we?

There are many people out there who sell products or services that are similar to yours. But the way YOU do it is unique, and it reflects your business vision and mission. It’s super important that you answer the three most important questions for your business: your WHY, HOW and WHAT.

Missed Part 1 and 2? Get clear on your WHY and HOW

Today, let’s talk about WHAT.

I hope you read this post about finding out what drives and motivates you, and you did download my awesome fillable PDF form you can print out, frame and put next to your desk as a reminder during the tough times, and you’re all clear about all the reasons WHY you do what you do.

We will need you to be clear on that before we work out what are actually going to offer to your clients.

Your offer needs to be in line with your brand and your vision. For example, I am a Premium Brand Stylist and I focus on creating premium brands, for premium offerings. This means I won’t offer pre-made logos or branding packages from the low price point, simply because this is not aligned with the brand I want to create.

I am all about value and quality and so are my clients. They need a designer, who will understand they want to attract high-end clients and need their branding to reflect the quality of their offering. Otherwise, they can say goodbye to high-end clients, and hello to penny-pinchers. They are the most demanding clients, who value your work the least. It’s very easy to attract them if your branding, website and offering are not aligned with your overall vision and mission.

Also, because my clients are online business owners who want to level up, my packages reflect that and are tailored to their needs. Everything you find in my packages will be something I love doing, am passionate about and that helped me serve my clients better and bring my vision to the world – empower women to build their businesses and take over the world!

Surely you will have to reevaluate your services again and again as you grow, because as you learn you can add more value to your clients lives. Your services or products should reflect that. Only this way can you consistently add value, while feeling appreciated and keep your motivation and drive.

Now think about your WHY again: what is it that really drives you? What is your biggest passion and biggest talent? What comes naturally?

Then let’s dive into the WHAT:

  • What kind of products or services can I offer to use my full potential and talents and bring the most value to my clients?
  • What kind of help do my clients always ask me for?
  • How can I package my best talents and skills into a product or service?
  • What do my competitors do?

If you’re just starting out and don’t know much about your perfect client (apart from the fact you know you’d like them to be high-end, great paying clients), check out this post and create your perfect client profile.

This will help you understand what sort of person are they, where they hang out (so you know where should you hang out as well), at what stage of business are they and what’s their biggest problem that you can solve in your own, unique way.

Check out the post here.

Brand Clarity Workbook

Your brand statement – how can you make it a reality?

There is plenty of people out there who need all kinds of professionals. Are you a tech savvy VA? That’s great, there will be many people who have no idea how to set up their sales funnels or make changes on their websites.

Are you a life coach? People need results and you can help to get them, by empowering and supporting them to really spread their wings and go for it.

Are you a web developer? Almost everyone I know has or have had a website at one point in their life. Some people have multiple websites at once (especially entrepreneurs and bloggers). That means there are millions of people who might need your services.

If your brand mission is to empower women to pursue their dream businesses, you can help them doing all kinds of stuff you’re good at. No need to reinvent the wheel, girl!

Sit down and write: what are you good at? What do people ask you for help constantly? When do you bring awesome results to others? That will be your jam!

Didn’t write your brand statement yet? Grab this free workbook and print it out:

FREE Brand Mission fillable frame (no email sign-up needed).

My how?

I strive to empower women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

To make it a reality, I use my design, art direction and brand strategy skills. I love doing that, I bring my clients awesome results and I get to change their businesses and help them spread their wings.

What did you come up with up to this point and if things got clearer for you? Share it in the comments below!



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