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Conversions – what they are and how to get more in your business

Psst! Ready to uncover your brand personality?

Analytics + strategy + good designer = conversions!

In case you’re not entirely clear on what conversions are: a conversion is when people take the action you want them to take. This can be: placing an order, enquiring for your services, signing up on your email list or even clicking a “read more” button. If you’re a blogger, your conversions may be all about people clicking through to your post and then clicking through to your affiliate links, or signing up for your email list. For service-based businesses, it will surely be enquiring for their services or signing up for their email list. For online shops – placing an order is an ultimate conversion.   When you understand conversions determine your revenue, you’ll easily see why it’s so important to strategically design your website.

How to get more conversions in your business

The first thing to do is to get clear on a few things:

  • What’s the ultimate conversion for you
  • Who’s your ideal client
  • What do they need to make a purchase

What’s your ultimate conversion?

Do you want people to purchase your courses or products? Do you want them to inquire about your services? Do you want them to purchase through your affiliate links? For you to be able to move further with your conversion boosting system, you need to first decide what do you want people to do.

Who’s your ideal client?

This one’s really important. If you’re unable to tell who is your ideal customer, what interests them, what are they looking for and at what stage of life/business do they come to you, you’re not going to be able to get into their heart. It’s like with buying a gift – if you don’t know the person you may want to buy something genetic that everybody will like, but On the other hand, if you know the person well: know their struggles, dreams and even most immediate needs – you’re able to buy them a gift that’ going to make them fall in love with you.

What do they need to make a purchase?

Your ideal clients, that is. Do they need to know your product or service is solid and the best value? Or do they need to feel special? Do they require you to help them purchase it by offering payment plans? Or maybe they have objections and doubts they absolutely need addressing before they’re ready to buy? Just like with buying a gift – you can’t do it well if you don’t know the person.


So how do you learn more about your ideal customers?

Check Google Analytics

You’ll find much interesting data there. For example: where your customers come from, on what page do they stay the longest and on which do they leave your website, what age they are and even what are they interested in. This is a great place to get this crucial information and being able to learn from your mistakes.

Use heat maps software

This software will show you which buttons on your website are most clicked and how far down do people scroll. From our experience, using heat maps can boost your landing page conversion rate by 40%! You could, for example, notice nobody’s scrolling below the big banner and put your hottest products at the top! Try Hotjar to get started.


Make it easy for people to take action

Once you decided what action you want people to take the most and you understand your customers well, it’s time to give it to them on a silver plate. What we mean is: make it easy for them to do it! Write down how many steps do people have to take before placing an order and think about how you can minimise it or at least make it easier. Good solutions are:

  • Simplifying your shop page
  • Removing header and footer from your checkout page
  • Or optimising your website for mobile devices where almost 40% of all purchases now take place


With an experienced team as your partner, you can boost your conversions AND your revenue, scale your business and build your brand.

Ready to take your business to the next level?


How to stand out from the competition?

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