Growing your email list is super important, we all know that. Creating workbooks, checklists, cheatsheets and email courses can be really boring both for you and your audience, though. Also, if you knew what your customers and clients are really interested in, you’d be able to provide them with much more value, right?

That’s why, today I wanted to tell you about a new tool I used to create a Brand Quiz, that helps you figure out Which Brand Personality are you.


Interact Quiz Maker – why I love it and think you should try it

Engaging with your audience can prove challenging, especially now when everybody seems to be fighting for your client’s attention. I mean, there are ads everywhere, you are bombarded with social media posts multiple times a day and even get emails trying to sell you things. Even people who already follow you might show little engagement because of all that.

Getting attention from people who don’t know you yet is even more difficult. After all, they see so many messages every single day, why is your any different?


That’s where quizzes come in!

I first heard about Interact through Kayla Hollatz’s website. I took her quiz, called Brand Voice Style and really loved the entire experience. That’s why I was eager to create my own quiz, because I knew so many of you struggle with figuring out which Brand Personality are you. You spend hours trying to find the perfect color palette, fonts and textures, creating moodboards on Pinterest, but never seem to get it just right. Which Brand Personality are you? Is going to help you get clear on that. Check it out and share your results in the comments!


Why quizzes?

Let’s be honest. Everybody loves quizzes. If you say you don’t, try to scroll down a little to where my quiz is and don’t take it. I dare you!





Quizzes are just so interactive and engaging! You’re super interested what your results might be, so you decide on taking it, since you know it’s only going to take around 2 minutes. Then at the end, you can see your results and share them with your friends, who – guess what – also want to know what their results will be!

If results themselves weren’t enough, Interact allows creators to send email sequences to people who went through the quiz and give them even more personalised value.

In my and Kayla’s cases, you’ll get a series of emails helping you understand your results and make the most of them. Kayla explains how you can polish your copywriting to fit your unique brand style (I really recommend it!) and I provide you with more detailed explanation of your Brand Personality and send over your color palette, fonts selection, patterns and even a moodboard.


This creates a great experience for your audience and for you.


Your audience gets awesome value and learns a lot specifically about what they are interested in. They also feel like you know them and their challenges well. You, in return, get to know their preferences and can serve them a whole lot better. Plus, you get the like – trust factor, since you’ve already given them so much and proved you know what they need and struggle with.

This is something you just cannot get with a simple Facebook ad, a blog post, or even a live video. None of those things will engage your audience in a way quizzes do.


What can you do with Interact

Interact has some really cool options to help you create a brilliant quiz experience and build your list at the same time. It gives tremendous value to your audience, while helping you get to know them better, so you can serve them better.

This cool software does not only create quizzes like mine, or Kayla’s. You can create different types of quizzes, like:


Where you can help people figure out how good are they at something, or how much they know about something. This quiz has one right answer and shows a number of points at the end. Perfect for a quiz like: “How much do you really know about Digital Marketing?”


This is a type of quiz both me and Kayla use. In this quiz, people choose one answer and depending on which answer they used the most, they are assigned to a certain group or type.


Each answer has a certain score, so at the end, your quiz takers will get their total score. Awesome for a quiz like: “Does your website convert well?”.



Creating a quiz with Interact

I thought creating a quiz will take hours, but when I actually got in and started filling the questions and answers, it only took around half an hour to complete. Interact software is so easy and intuitive! If you’re a visual person like me, you’ll love their interface.



Starting with a template

You can start your quiz by using one of their templates, which by the way are ready to use without you even having to change anything.

There are so many industries to choose from, and each industry has tens of templates you can use right away:



When I choose Blogging and Coaching, I get awesome templates like these below. Which I can simply open and start editing right away!




Creating quiz from scratch

This is the option I chose and it was easier than I thought.

You’ve got your settings in the top left corner, followed by the results settings and questions. You just really have to go through each of those and fill them out. Interact guides you through the process so it’s really, really easy.


Setting up

Simply edit the title, add the cover image, description and change what button says. Then, go to your branding settings and choose the right colors and fonts for your quiz.




Don’t forget to set up your email opt in – this is the page people see after they take your quiz and want their results. It might be tempting to force everyone to give you their email, but it’s really better if you give people a choice.

It’s good to give something extra to those who do sign up (like an email sequence with free resources), but there should be option to just see your results without signing up. You can edit what “Skip this step” button says so it’s more personal too. In my quiz main button says: “Send me results and Starter Kit” and the skip the sign-up form button says: “I just want to see my results”.




What’s really cool is that you can easily edit your results pages as well. You can add images, text, links and Call To Action (CTA).

My quiz has 4 results, so I created those first, then I created around 9 questions and mapped each answer to the right result.

As you can see, mapping results to answers is super easy and very visual. You just select your answer and select the result it mappes to. That’s it!





Adding an image to your answers is also really easy and a great idea. It makes quiz more visual, which in turn makes it more engaging. As you probably know – people prefer images over text and understand them a lot quicker.

Make sure to pick good images for your answers. They should be somehow connected to your potential answers. For example: in my quiz each of the answers has an image that’s in correct color palette for each season. This not only makes quiz look better, but people unconsciously choose colors they are drawn to, therefore it’s easier for them to pick an answer that feels more true to them – which sometimes can be tricky with plain text.



Connecting quiz to your email list

Another amazing option of Interact quiz software, is that it lets you connect your quiz to your newsletter provider and gather emails when someone submits the quiz. I use ConvertKit, which allows me to add a tag to subscribers who went through the quiz. This way I can easily segment people by their results and serve them better, like send them info about their Brand Personality or advertise my products that fit their brand style.

I have created an email sequence for each of the results, so when people take the quiz and go through it, they get more freebies and value in their inbox over the next couple of days. This helps me make it easier for them to get started on their brand and helps them learn more about what they are really interested in.



Thanks to this quiz, my email list grows and my clients get better experience. Instead of bombarding people with generic freebies and pdfs, I can provide them with something that’s personalised and specific to their interests.



Interact lets you easily see how many people went through your quiz and what results did they get. You can also see analytics and statistics for each of the answers! If that wasn’t enough, you can also see where within the quiz people drop off the most and how many people went through the quiz vs. signed up for your list.

Connecting your quiz to Google Analytics is as easy as copying and pasting your unique code and voila! – you’re all set.




Social sharing

You can set up the image that shows when someone shares your quiz on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as well as the description and title. This makes it easy for you to manage how your content is shared, and allows people to share it with just a few clicks.

Believe me, most people want to share their results with their friends, which is awesome for you – free marketing!



Publishing your quiz

You’ve got so many options to publish your quiz – from embedding it on your website, to creating a pop-up, message above the header of your site or creating Facebook Ad.




How to make the most of this software and create an awesome quiz people will love


  1. Think about the problem your clients/customers are having.
    You can help people narrow down their problem via quiz and offer them a solution with their results.
  2. Make the quiz interactive and well thought through.
    Your questions should be easy to understand and answers short and sweet. Use images to make people engaged and help them make an unconscious choice so it’s more true to them (cut overthinking), for more accurate results.
  3. Allow people to skip your sign up form
    This seems counter-intuitive, but believe me it’s a lot better option for you. People who sign up will be much more engaged and those who don’t will probably come back for more from you anyway. After all, they loved your quiz so much and weren’t force to sign up at all!
  4. Create a seamless experience.
    Make sure to create awesome results pages as well as an email sequence for each of the results. That way you give them even more personalised value. This will show your authority and build your like-trust factor. They will be grateful and get used to seeing your name in their inbox. Win-win, isn’t it?
  5. Check your analytics and improve your quiz continuously.
    Interact allows you to see how people engage with your quiz. Make sure to check in every now and then and improve your quiz in places people drop off the most, edit questions, results pages or sequences to add even more value.
  6. Don’t overdo it.
    Good quiz should not take longer than 2-3 minutes to take. 7 questions are a sweet spot you should aim for. Enough for you to give people accurate results, not too much for them to get bored and leave.



Need an idea for a quiz?

E-commerce businesses

You can use quizzes in so many ways! If you sell makeup brushes like our client MOTD Cosmetics, you can have a quiz asking people for their makeup preferences/style and showing them perfect products for them at the end + sending them tips for these particular products via email later on will only increase your conversions.  



If you’re a makeup artist like our client Makeupzone or a parenting coach like New Generation Parenting, you can use quizzes to advertise your services, courses or membership site.

For example: create a quiz helping people determine their ideal makeup style or skin type, when provide them with tips on how to do their makeup like a PRO. If you mention the course you created just for their specific needs at this point, it will be a no-brainer.

You can also help them find their parenting style, like New Generation Parenting could do. Then, depending on results, give them more tips and tricks, resources or invite them over to join your membership site for mamas just like them.



Use quizzes to boost your affiliate sales! If you’re a fashion blogger, help people figure out their perfect style and use your results pages to embed your Reward Style app with products ideal for their specific needs.



Wrapping up

I’m in love with Interact. Can’t wait to create more quizzes for you, with a couple of ideas already in my head.

As you can also see, quizzes are great for literally every industry and every type of business. If you’re creative enough to think of a way to engage your followers using a quiz, you can get amazing results with Interact.



*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click them and buy, I will get as small commission. Remember, I only recommend tools I use and love.


I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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