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Spring is the freshest, energetic, vibrant and positive out of all seasons.

Spring brings optimism, makes you feel inspired, full of energy and want to start new. It makes you want to clean the house, paint the walls and change cushions to more vibrant colours. You are so tired of winter, you can’t wait for all the warmth and brightness Spring brings.

Spring brands inspire others with their energy, creativity and expressiveness.

The colours are light, bright and clear. The whole feel is very positive and uplifting.

This season is perfect for brands who are creativefun, friendly, open and positive, building new relationships with others easily. They are full of ideas and they may have problems finishing things. They tend to put all their heart and soul into what they do, all their energy.

Spring brands are supportivehelpful, forward-thinking, open and honest. They don’t try to build unnecessary distance between them and their clients. They want to become friends and work together, towards something fun and creative.

They communicate in a direct and open way, are fast-paced and energetic. They tend to inspire everyone around them with their positive energy and friendly attitude. If you’re a marketer, teacher, life/business coach, graphic designer, PR specialist or photographer, this season might be perfect for you. Its bright and vibrant colours will help you communicate all you’re about to your people.

Spring brand style personality can be great for the Innocent, Girl Next Door or Joker archetypes.


The visual style is NOT your brand though.

Don’t make a common branding mistake and only focus on visuals to build your brand. To learn how to build the whole brand strategy, discover your Brand Archetype and learn:

  • who are your ideal clients and what they are longing for,
  • what is your brand’s main goal,
  • how to build an irresistible brand experience,
  • + examples from brands you know.
Brand archetype quiz

Which Brand Archetype are you?

Discover your brand personality + learn about your ideal clients and brand experience.

Brand archetypes are a great way to use psychology to tap into your clients and customers emotions and influence them, help you focus your brand WHILE still staying true to your values.

You don’t need to pretend to be somebody else, you don’t need to try to be everything to everyone. The more you focus, the easier it gets to attract the right customers AND define your brand’s personality (and voice). So if you’ve been feeling like you:

  • need to rebrand again and again
  • HUSTLE but never get the MOMENTUM
  • are screaming into a VOID

Read on because this is for you. Different people can perceive different brands differently. That’s why it’s so important to only focus on YOUR ideal people and not worry about the rest. It all is influenced by your brand PERSONALITY.

To really connect with our IDEAL customers and touch their hearts we need to tell a story.

We need to start selling and EXPERIENCE, not the product or service. And Brand Archetypes help you figure out what that actually is.

Brand Archetypes help us focus and build a consistent character, but that’s not all.

They help us DIFFERENTIATE our brands from others in our niche. You can use them to have a unique take on your niche, build a different personality. For example: let’s compare Canduby’s chocolate to Snickers. Both are chocolate, but they have totally different personalities. Cadbury is all about the pleasurable moments (Lover archetype) and Snickers helps you get going again (Hero archetype). Even though this is the same niche, they are totally different brands. Or brands Like Tresseme (Girl Next Door Archetype), L’Oreal (Magician) or Magnum Ice-cream (Lover Archetype, all about pleasure). We all have goals, motivations, fears and personalities.

Those things can be organised into 12 Brand Archetypes:

We’ve got 4 core differentiators between Archetypes groups and those are the main goal of the archetype.

So there are:

  1. Provide Structure with CaregiverRuler and Creator
  2. Connect to others: with Girl Next DoorLover and Joker
  3. A spiritual journey with InnocentSage and Explorer,
  4. and Leave a mark with RebelMagician and Hero.
Brand archetype quiz

Which Brand Archetype are you?

Discover your brand personality + learn about your ideal clients and brand experience.

Once that you know if you’re an Innocent, Girl Next Door or Joker, let’s talk about visuals.

Spring Color Palette

The Colour palette for Spring is very broad, but what’s important, is that those colours are warm, bright, clear and light. You won’t find any dark colours here, although you may find darker shades of blue, grey or purple, that are supportive colours of the other light shades. All colours are warm, so even if you choose blue (which is the coolest colour of all), you’ll find only warm shades, like turquoise, mint, or pastel blue with a tint of yellow.
Choose from yellow, peach, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, turquoise, mint, green and supportive colours like warm greys, dark purples and blues.

Design inspiration

Design and layout should be delicate, positive and quite colourful, depending on which Brand Archetype are you. Have a look at our Pinterest board to get inspired:


Textures and patterns

Dotty, rounded shaped geometric patterns, hand drawings, busycreative.
Look for patterns that are energetic, optimistic, fun or look like they’ve been drawn by hand. They are a play with colour, engaging and bright.
For textures: multicoloured, bright, vibrant and energetic.
If you’re looking for images that will capture this colour personality, look for colourful, positive images of smiling people, colourful flowers and beautiful, sunny landscapes.


Spring is very engaging, friendly and open. Your fonts must be legible, round and bright. Avoid serif fonts, which are perfect for Summer Personality, which we’ll be talking about soon. Perfect fonts for this color personality are sans serif fonts, like:

Photography style

Inside Spring Brand Personality you want to make people happy, safe and position your brand as reliable and very positive. Use photography that is sunny, warm, fun, optimistic and clean. Avoid high contrast or high energy, keep it simple.

Lines and shapes

The best shapes that capture that are circlesround shapes, with no hard edges. You can use rectangles (which is super practical, especially in web design), but mix it with circles and oval shapes to break up the blocky layout. Fine lines.

Is Spring your personality?

I am dying to know if Spring Personality resonates with you and if you feel it’s describing YOU and your business. Let me know in the comments.


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