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My top 5 all time favourite apps for content promotion

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We spend hours, upon hours creating great content, but then we just don’t have time to spend twice as much time to promote it. Can you relate?

I’m almost sure your latest post has not been seen by most of your followers, especially if you posted it on Instagram or Facebook. The new algorithm cuts our reach and makes it more difficult to get in front of our audiences. That’s why it’s super important to keep promoting your content over and over again.

I know it feels icky sometimes. You may feel like you say the same thing all over again. Believe me though, sometimes your post is only visible to 2% of all your followers. This means the rest will miss out on your great new blog post, if you don’t promote it enough! What’s the point of spending your time taking beautiful photos, editing your posts and injecting your expertise if barely anybody can see it?

Promoting your posts properly takes time though. You should probably be spending twice as much time on promoting it, as you do on creating your content. Who has time for that?


That’s why, today, I’m going to share my top 5 apps for content promotion. Those apps help me keep my content alive and work hard, so I don’t have to.


There’s no point for you to spend hours tweeting, sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram or pinning on Pinterest. Those apps can do this for you all day, every day.



Since Pinterest is a search platform, people who land on your website from it stay for longer. It’s because they were actively searching for content like yours and want to read your post or browse your services. That’s why its crucial that you’re active on this platform.

To stay on the top of the feed though, you’d need to pin at least 20-30 times a day. Ain’t nobody has time for that!

That’s why Tailwind is a great tool for you! Not only does it let you schedule and pin your posts on autopilot, it also makes it easy to find quality pins from others. This helps you keep the 80/20 ratio that’s so important (80% of other people’s content, 20% of yours). You just sit down for an hour each month and fill your queue with pins you love from others + your own posts. Then you set up how many times a day should Tailwind post these for you and voila! You’re all set.


Plans start at $9.99/mo, you can start your free trial here.



This is hands down my favorite app to schedule Instagram posts and stories. It’s visual, easy to use and allows you to schedule posts, videos, multi-images posts, stories and more. You can save your hashtags groups as well. Most importantly, it allows you to plan your grid on your desktop, without having to do it on your phone (we all know it’s tricky). If you want to do it on your phone though, you can too.


Plans start at $7/mo, you can start your free trial here.



This app saves me hours upon hours every week. It basically connects 2 or 3 apps together and performs a task you create for you. For example: you can share your new blog posts on social media on autopilot. It has many free Zap recipes (zaps are the tasks formulas), but you can create your own, it’s really easy.


You can start with a free plan, or go PRO for $20 a month.


Revive old posts plugin

WordPress plugin that keeps posting your old blog posts for you? Yes please! With this tiny bit of software (that’s FREE by the way) you can keep posting your old posts on rotation. You can tweet 20 times a day, sharing different blog post each time (you can set the formula too!). You can share your posts on Facebook or LinkedIn multiple times a day, without repeating yourself. It saved so much time and helps you promote your older posts that are so, so valuable to your audience.


Download the plugin here.



With Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts ahead of time, easily duplicate posts and spread them over time, and more. It allows you to see everything in a scheduling calendar (which is more visual and easier to get) and saves so much time! You can manage multiple platforms, as well as Facebook groups, if you have one. This makes it so easy to schedule your daily prompts ahead of time, repeat them and don’t have to remember about them ever again.


You can start your free trial here, you can start with your free plan or go PRO for $15 a month.



Those are my TOP 5 apps for promoting my content and save me time every day. Are you using any of them?

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