We all want people who get in contact with our brand to be ideal clients and customers. It’s not always so simple to reach them though, is it?

That’s why we prepared this easy-to-follow recipe for you to attract your ideal audience and keep them.

Define your target audience

We can’t stress this enough – you HAVE to know who’s your ideal client, or customer. How else are you going to find them?
It’s like if you were driving to a destination without knowing the exact address, or even a postcode. You may spend hours trying to find what you’re looking for only to drive past it a few times without even knowing it and then give up.

Your target audience is people who are interested in your services, products or brand. People who can afford what you sell and are looking for the solutions you offer.

Find out where they hang out

Learn as much as you can about them and create a profile of the person (or a few people) who you consider the ideal audience. Good idea is to find a real person you can stalk a little – learn what social media platforms they use, what do they Pin on Pinterest, where do they like to shop, what’s the thing they struggle with that is your speciality.

Get clear on what type of people they are

By finding real people who are likely to be your target market you can learn so much about the type of person they are.

Are they emotional buyers who can go in debt to buy something they have fallen in love with? Or maybe they are very cautious with money and need to consider all options before they use their card?

Is your target market people who are vegan and only use cruelty-free cosmetics? Or maybe they are trend-setters who love to be seen and influence others?



Once you know all this about your ideal audience finding more of that kind of people gets just so much easier. Suddenly, you know which platforms you should spend your time on and what you should be posting. Bye bye guessing, hello more clients, readers and revenue.


Ready to get a purposeful brand that attracts ideal people?


I’m a branding & web designer based
in Bristol, UK.

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